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Bont Riot+ road shoes review

4 Dec 2017

Don't be fooled by their 'entry-level' tag line, these shoes offer true performance

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Heat mouldable, stiff sole, BOA dial
At the upper end of entry-level when it boils down to price

To introduce a pair of road cycling shoes at £150 and call them 'entry-level' may cause a fair few raised eyebrows yet, with the updated Bont Riot shoes, you will not be left wondering where your money has gone.

For the price, the Bont Riot+ shoes are as good as they come, bringing performance at a reasonable cost. 

Thanks to a few updates in key areas, the new Bont Riot+ shoes are boxing well above their weight and are better than the 'entry-level' tag they've been given.

Moving with the times

One of the marquee traits that Bont brings to the market is that its shoes are heat mouldable. After 20 minutes in the over, you slip your feet into the shoes, tightening the BOA dials before allowing the shoe to form perfectly around your foot accounting for every bump and bunion.

This may seem like a gimmick, but as the kilometres ticked by, I realised that my feet were not suffering the aches that I have been accustomed to with carbon soled shoes. So, for me, this was a box ticked.

Speaking of comfort, Bont has turned towards a BOA dial closing system, doing away with the ratchet mechanism seen on previous versions.

BOA dials are the flavour of the month for cycling shoes currently, and for good reason. When closed tight, you feel more secure with less pressure being placed on your feet. They are also easily adjusted mid-ride.

The BOA dials account for one of many performance benefits to be found in the Bont Riot+. 

The carbon sole, mixed with fibreglass that you can find scattered around your bathroom, doesn't match the stiffness of its more expensive sibling the Vaypor but goes beyond its price point.

Pressing down on the pedals, it felt as if I was stamping down on a sole that costs much more than £150, such was the lack of flex.

This didn't compromise comfort, yet the solid platform for pedalling was just as good as some high-end racing shoes I have tried.

Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five

The soles will scratch harder than a 1980's hip-hop DJ as soon as you walk on them, which is annoying, but this has not affected on their performance, which is pretty extraordinary.

A noticeable caveat for many when looking at these shoes could be the five colour-ways Bont has released. If black isn't your thing, then you will be left with some radical alternatives.

I tested the pair labelled 'lime and charcoal' which could have easily been mistaken for an angry Ogre demanding I leave his swamp. 

Besides the bright green, your options are bright blue, bright orange or a dirty white, which are unlikely to win any style awards soon.

Get past the garish colours and scratched sole and you are left with some outstanding shoes that should be considered by those looking to become serious about their road cycling.

If you are looking at finally taking on your local cat 4 race or 10 mile time trial or you just want to ride sportives much faster, these updated Bont Riot+ shoes will be a perfect starting point for making you faster.

Size tested - 44

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