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PainPod Three & PainPod Mi review

14 Dec 2017

A no brainer luxury device for anyone active giving instant pain relief

Cyclist Rating: 
Easy to use, lightweight & wearable
A little on the pricey side

All of us at some point in our lives we will have suffered with pain of some degree. Whether this is the aftermath of a long day in the saddle, an injury or just your body changing. It’s not a nice fact to admit and it can have a massive impact on the quality of our daily lives. This is where the PainPod comes into play.

With its biotechnology sending micro currents through the body anyone can benefit from this nifty little device: it’s not only for the hardcore athletes among us.

You could say it’s a little portable physiotherapist that you can take anywhere with you. Intrigued? Me too….

I won’t be alone here when I say I regularly experience pain. Whether that’s from more often than not being in the cycling position resulting in sore muscles, or the consequences of being a sports therapist.

We are all physical in some way. Exercising or not. We tend to exert our bodies beyond the comfort zone.

Pain can make an unwelcome appearance in many ways. Other than the obvious culprit there are factors such as your occupation, or maybe you suffer from serious headaches or arthritis. Anyone can benefit from using a PainPod.

The PainPod Three has 12 treatments to chose from and 20 intensity settings. Ranging from a relaxing unwind to a more vigorous stimulation as well as acupuncture which targets both joint and muscle pain.

The PainPod Mi is tiny, ultra lightweight and wearable all day with a 10 hour micro current painless treatment. With a touch of a button the device gives a 15 minute booster massage for immediate pain relief.

I cycle for hours quite comfortably but during and definitely at the end of the ride my lower back will ache. My shoulders will feel sore and not to mention my glutes will be glad to be off the saddle.

Perfect chance I thought to put the PainPod Three to the test to speed up my recovery. Placing the pads either side of my spine (there’s a little booklet illustrating pad positioning) on my lower back I cycled through the various settings until I was happy with the speed and intensity. Set for 30 minutes I sat back and let it work its magic.

I used the combination relaxation mode for my treatment. After the initial shock of having an unusual feeling of ever so slightly stinging pulses going through my body I found it very relaxing. I was even able to notch the intensity up giving a deeper sensation.

Once the treatment was over I found the aching had subsided and felt like my muscles had been recharged with a new lease of life.

Placing the pads on specific areas of the body will cause involuntary movement. I found out when treating my legs it was my toes that moved.

The same as placing the pads on my neck and shoulder, this caused my arm to swing out. The only time I have felt uncomfortable is when my mouth was pulled from treating my neck.

The pads are easy to detach with various sizes. The device is very simple to use you can let the device do the complicated work.

Using it during exercise the PainPod's technology can recruit more muscle fibres at up to 40% stronger contractions. This is to increase performance and speed up recovery allowing you to train for longer.

Basically the PainPod is a much more intuitive and enhanced version of a TENS machine (Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation).

The bonus to this you don’t need a trip to the doctors to have a dose and without the need to ingest chemicals by popping pills.

All in all I think this miracle worker and it could transform sports rehabilitation and recovery.

PainPod Three - £319 ; PainPod Mi - £89

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