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Vittoria Rubino G+ clincher tyres review

21 Dec 2017

Bombproof tyres that are perfect for the Winter months

Cyclist Rating: 
Puncture-resistant, durable, easy to fit
Not the quickest tyres

Changing to a set of durable, puncture-resistant tyres for the Winter months is probably the one of the smartest moves you can make as a cyclist. One Winter, I made the mistake of dismissing the importance of my rolling rubber, and set off for a long ride on a pair of fast Summer tyres.

An hour later, I was left in a lay-by having suffered my third puncture, out of inner tubes and out of luck. A £25 cab journey home later, I had learned my lesson.

Since then, I have played around with a selection of heavy-duty road tyres for the Winter and while they all do the job well, I have found one to be a real standout performer, the Vittoria Rubino G+ clinchers.

Cheap, durable and easy to fit, the Rubino G+ tyres have quickly become an indispensable piece of kit for me.

The ultimate test

I guess the reason I am so impressed with the Vittoria Rubino G+ tyres is because of their puncture-resistance. After using the same set of tyres for 10 months, I only fell victim to a flat once.

Obviously, I appreciate other factors such as tyre pressure and road surface may be at play when it comes to punctures, but I felt as if these set of tyres never missed a beat.

In April, I took these tyres for a testing weekend across the bergs of Flanders and crooked cobbles of Northern France. 

Watch the pros race these roads and you will notice soigneurs at the end top of almost every cobbled climb in Flanders or section of pave in France with spare wheels, such is the rate of attrition on their tyres at these races.

So to have dragged my 92kg frame up four of Flanders' toughest bergs and then bounced over 18 sections of Roubaix pave the next day without the faintest whiff of a puncture, I can say that these Rubino tyres were near unbelievable.

It wasn't just cobbles that these tyres managed to master but also my morning commute into work that takes in one of the busiest routes into London, the Old Kent Road.

Thanks to a constant stream of lorries, buses and vans, this road is usually covered in all sorts from glass to grit to even a pair of gardening shears, however it all failed to pierce these tyres.

In terms of grip, the Rubino G+ tyres also had a lot to give. Dependant on the weather, I can vary my tyre pressure from around 85psi to the dizzy heights of 110psi if I'm feeling confident.

Regardless of tyre pressure, the grip remained a constant meaning that I felt stable even on wet roads or with slightly optimistic tyre pressures.

The G+ stands for graphene and goes a long way in explaining the grippy, puncture-resistant nature of these tyres. Vittoria says that the graphene compounds help in getting rid of compromises between speed, grip and puncture-resistance

Rolling rubber

While I can commend these tyres for their grip and puncture-resistance, it does feel as if there has been a slight compromise in speed.

Compare these to Vittoria's Corsa tyres and there is a notable difference. The Corsas give you more zip and the lack the slightly laboured feel the Rubinos sometimes have. I wouldn't recommend the Rubino tyres for a crit bike or time trial machine, that's for sure.

I can't be too critical of the tyres and their speed however, and that is largely down to their price. A quick Google search shows that you can pick these up fairly cheap, under £40 for the pair if you are savvy enough. 

They are almost the same price, as a pair, as what other brands would charge you for an individual tyre.

It will take a lot of convincing for me to turn my back on the Vittoria Rubino G+ tyres as I honestly think I have found the perfect pair for me.

For Winter, the biggest promises you need from your tyres are that they will grip and that you won't spend most of your ride repairing punctures.

The Rubino G+ tyres have kept these promises for me and I don't see them slipping up any time soon.

Width tested: 25mm (also available in 23mm and 28mm)

£19.99 each

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