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RH+ Logo Evo jacket review

10 Jan 2018

Comfortable and versatile winter jacket

Cyclist Rating: 
Warm, bright and protective in most winter conditions
Won’t withstand a deluge, and pockets could be more generous

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Winter jackets are a particularly tricky product to get right. They need to be warm – but not so warm that you overheat on long rides. They need to be comfortable, but not too floppy or bulky or they create air drag. They need to be robust, but not too heavy. They need to keep out the rain, but not hold in moisture from sweat.

It’s an almost impossible conundrum, so nearly every winter jacket will have some sort of compromise. That is certainly the case with the RH+ Logo Evo jacket, but the good news is that is has got enough elements right that it’s easy to forgive the things it doesn’t do so well.

Let’s start with the warmth. The material is called AD Gold and has been developed by RH+ with the emphasis on wind protection and thermal insulation. The outer is smooth to the touch, like many soft shell jackets, while the inner is a grid of soft patches.

The result is that I found the Logo Evo jacket to be toasty on even the chilliest mornings, without feeling like I was weighed down in a parka.

I tested it down to around a minimum of 3°C, and once I got pedalling it was easily warm enough with just a winter base layer beneath.

The material is also very windproof, so there were never any issues with wind chill, and it was breathable enough that I never got noticeably sweaty after slogging up long climbs.

In terms of fit, the RH+ Logo Evo jacket is snug without being tight. For some, that will be insufficiently ‘racy’, but I found it to be just right for winter training rides where saving watts with aerodynamics is not really an issue.

The majority of the fabric is fairly sturdy and not particularly stretchy, so it helps that the jacket is well cut to follow the lines of the body – although that rather depends on the shape of your body.

People of a more generous girth may find that the jacket is not very forgiving.

What can’t be disputed is the quality of the finish. The zips are all neat and water-resistant, including a discreet ‘keys and coins’ zipped pocket at the rear.

The waistband is inlaid with silicone grippers to keep it in place, and the cuffs have elasticated thumb holes to keep them tucked inside gloves.

I found the pockets to be a little on the small side, such that I struggled to reach inside them with gloved hands, but at least they didn’t flap about and ruin the elegant lines of the jacket. Nothing worse than a floppy pocket.

The only genuine weakness of the jacket is when it gets really wet. I found that the Logo Evo coped admirably in light showers, where the water never really got a chance to penetrate the material, but when the heavens truly opened it was only a matter of time before the moisture eventually soaked through to the inside.

As a result, on longer rides I would take a light shell to slip over the top in the event that a soaking was imminent. However I rarely needed it.

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As I mentioned at the beginning, all winter gear tends to have to make some sort of compromise, and the Logo Evo’s lack of total waterproofing is a small price to pay for a jacket that performs so well in all other aspects.

Even the looks are on the money. The fluoro yellow highlights ensure that it’s easy to be seen, but without making it gaudy or utilitarian like a commuter jacket.

If yellow’s not your thing, there are five other colourways to choose from.

The best endorsement I can give the Logo Evo is that it has become my ‘grab’ jacket – the first item I reach for whenever I’m considering heading out on my bike on a winter’s day.

Buy the RH+ Logo Evo jacket now from Tredz


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