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Huez Starman Reflex hi-vis jacket review

25 Jan 2018

The Huez Starman Reflex jacket is the perfect go-to for when you are unsure of what the weather may bring

Cyclist Rating: 
Great commuter jacket that keeps you seen, windproof, cuffed sleeves, light
Not fully waterproof, on the verge of being too big for a pocket

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I have a jacket that I call my 'indecisive jacket'. It's for occasions when I get to my front door and am unsure whether I should wear a jacket or not.

It's invariably when I'm going to the pub, or popping to the shops or getting something from the car. Is it cold? Is it going to get cold? What if I get too warm and have to carry it?

In cycling terms, the Huez Starman Reflex hi-vis jacket has now assumed this role for me. I get kitted up, poke my head out the door, realise it's not as nice as I thought... and grab my Huez Starman jacket.

It's not the most waterproof, or the warmest, but as an all-round package it has just the right credentials to get the nod as my go-to jacket this Winter.

The elephant in the room

There is a genuine reason for Huez naming this jacket Starman, and it's not because the company has a love for the late David Bowie (they might, I haven't asked).

Taking this jacket on my first ride at night, I swept out of my leafy street on to the main road into a barrage of artificial light coming from street lights and cars alike. Suddenly, I was all lit up like the late musical legend himself.

With 3M reflective technology, Huez has designed a garment that is hi-vis without looking hi-vis. Grey in daylight, as soon as the sun sets, you are turned into a beacon of light.

The reflective capabilities of this jacket are rather remarkable as it's the entire jacket that glows. Off the top of my head the only other item that does this is the Proviz Reflect 360 jacket.

This was reason number one for it becoming my indecisive jacket for cycling – knowing full well I could chuck it on at any time of day and it would act as a hi-vis jacket if required was a definite plus point.

Don't be mistaken to think that this will be the only jacket you will wear this winter. The material is very thin and isn't designed to keep you snug in the coldest of conditions. However, being very thin, it is also impressively lightweight at 222g.

Even on the coldest days when I would wear a long sleeve baselayer, long sleeve jersey and even a heavy duty jacket, the Starman slotted over everything relatively comfortably giving me that final layer of warmth that is often needed on long descents or straight after cafe stops.

The Starman is not just light but also breathable. Often the undoing of many rain capes is its inability to let heat out. It traps it in, and cooks you bringing you body temperature up to boiling point.

After a few heavy efforts uphill and a sharpe increase in my body temperature, I initially feared that would be the case here too. Yet, after my heart rate dropped and I composed myself at the top of the hill, I noticed that I wasn't over-heating and my cheeks were not as rosy as usual.

In terms of the jacket's waterproof capabilities, it holds up pretty well. Greeted with quintessentially British drizzle one morning, the jacket managed to catch the water on its exterior, keeping me dry.

When the drizzle turned to a downpour, it wasn't quite as impenetrable and some water did make its way through the cape. Not much, but a little, enough for me to notice.

When the rain stopped and the wind took over, the jacket once again impressed. The material, although breathable, stood up to gusts from a light breeze to near-storm levels in terms of breaking down the air.

London-based Huez has also put some thoughts into the details. Although there is a lack of big pockets, there is a zipped one perfectly sized for your phone or a gel.

The sleeves are tightly cuffed and a clever tab on the chest allows you to open the front of the jacket with a single pull.

It's a generous fit, as is most clothing made in the UK. I wore a size Large and it was a comfortable fit – slimming but not to the point of making you wish you'd gone for a bigger size.

One drawback is the size of the jacket when folded up. It's right on the cusp of being too big for a typical rear jersey pocket. It fits, but there will be no room for anything else, which can be slightly annoying if you de-robe on a longer ride.

But besides that drawback, what Huez has made is a pretty nifty jacket. 

It's incredibly visible in the dark, keeps most rain out and almost all wind. It fits well and doesn't let you overheat and it even has a zipped pocket.

For £160 it's on the expensive side, but then I have got plenty of use out of it so far this winter and I'm pretty confident it will get used well into the spring and even on cooler summer days.

The Huez Starman Reflex jacket has found a deserved place on my coat rack by the front door, ready and waiting to keep me well covered up in almost any conditions the weather might have in store.

Buy the Huez Starman Reflex jacket now from ebay


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