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Pedaled Essential long sleeve jersey review

31 Jan 2018

Effective on cold, dry days but not so much when it begins to rain

Cyclist Rating: 
Stylish, comfortable, fits well, clever double cuff
No zip pocket, doesn't keep out the rain

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When I think of qualities I'd associate with a product created in Japan, I think of simplicity and elegance – a product that while fashionable is also performance-driven and functional.

Look outside of cycling to brands such as Sony, Panasonic or Toyota and they have delivered this stylish practicality for decades. So when it came to Japanese clothing brand Pedaled, I expected much the same.

With the newly released Pedaled Essentials long sleeve jersey I was looking for something that not only looks effortlessly cool but also stands up to all of the elements and provides plenty of practicality.

And in large part this jersey did not let me down.

Don't sweat the technique

Being a merino jersey, I was somewhat sceptical of the brand's claims of this being an 'all seasons perfect item'. I have owned enough merino wool jumpers to know that while they look good, they are not the most effective at keeping you warm or dry.

But when I threw this jersey into the deep end on a cold, Sunday morning in the damp Kent lanes, I was left pleasantly surprised.

Armed with just a long sleeve baselayer underneath and an emergency gilet folded in my rear pocket, I set off towards the North Downs hoping that I wouldn't regret being so scantily clad. Three hours later, 'Je ne regrette rien' to quote Edith Piaf.

The jersey had proved up to the task, keeping me plenty warm whether I was attempting an effort uphill or enjoying a much-welcome descent.

One of the images on the product page for the Essential long sleeve jersey on Pedaled's website features a model climbing what looks like a snow-covered peak in the Swiss Alps or Italian Dolomites in just this jersey and a baselayer.

I'm not certain if the jersey would truly stand up to what looks like sub-zero temperatures, but I can happily endorse it for the single figure temperatures typical of the British winter.

Of course, it's not just the cold you have to combat in winter, but the rain too.

In the wet, the Essentials jersey is less effective. While it can withstand the rain to some extent for short amounts of time, any substantial downpour or time spend riding in the wet will leave you dreaming of properly waterproof alternatives.

Pedaled has used a combination of merino and synthetic PES fabrics to try and safeguard against the rain, but the weave between these two materials does allow water in after a while. Realistically, it means you'll have to factor in a rain cape to be properly protected against winter showers. 

One thing that merino does ensure is comfort, and thankfully that applies here with the Pedaled Essentials long sleeve jersey.

The sleeves are close-fitting, almost aerodynamic but soft in how it hugs your arms. The body of the jersey, meanwhile, feels less cycling garment and more loungewear. After a few outings, I also noticed the fabric stretching, conturing to my own personal fit making it even more enjoyable to ride in.

Japanese style

Hideto Suzuki, the founder of Pedaled, started life as a fashion designer before turning to cycling apparel in 2017, and it shows. As with most Pedaled gear, the Essentials jersey carries an effortlessly cool feel that's synonymous with Japanese fashion. 

The navy and burgundy combination is a refreshing change to the usual black and fluoro typically found on cycling jerseys. I wouldn't have been surprised if I found this jersey on the shelves of Japanese high street brand Uniqlo's shelves, such is the elegance and simplicity of the garment.

Suzuki also makes sure his brand sweats the details. Just look to the rear of the jersey where the Japanese symbols for Pedaled are spelt out vertically or the centre pocket in which a fashionable patch has been stitched displaying the brand's name in both English and Japanese.

The cuff is also a point of reference. Not content with a standard cuff, Pedaled has manufactured a double cuff using a lycra rib in the secondary colour of the jersey. This provides a tighter cuff which stops the sleeve climbing up your arms.

The rear pockets also have a earphone entry for those who are so inclined to listen to music on their ride.

Personally, I prefer the sounds of nature around me but it's nice to have the option. 

For a jersey that delivers on so many minor details, it's disappointing for there not to a zipped pocket. For me a zipped pocket should be standard on any winter jersey or jacket. It just makes sense.

Buy the Pedaled Essentials long sleeve jersery now from Pedaled 


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