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Specialized S-Works Evade II aero road helmet: now with MIPS and safety alert system

29 Nov 2018

Page 1 of 2Specialized S-Works Evade II aero road helmet: now with MIPS and safety alert system


The Specialized S-Works Evade II aero road helmet's safety elements are now on a par with its performance gains

The Specialized S-Works Evade II helmet, which was released ahead of the 2018 cycling season, has already undergone an overhaul with the introduction of MIPS and a new system called ANGi (Angular and G-Force indicator).

This is part of a renewal of the majority of Specialized's helmets to include MIPS without changing their outer appearance, which is why this lid is still the Evade II and not the Evade III.

MIPS: standard and proprietary

For the majority of helmets available from the US brand, the standard MIPS cradle has been applied, with the inside of the helmets re-moulded to create space without any visible change to the outside.

However, that is not the case for the top end S-Works Evade II and S-Works Prevail II.

'Consistency of fit with MIPS was one of our priorities, and we actually created new moulds for every helmet to accommodate the MIPS. So although the helmets may look the same externally, the internals are all new.

'The exceptions are ironically the Prevail and Evade where there is no space penalty with the new MIPS SL system,' explains Specialized's William Watt.

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ANGi: Tracking riders

Along with the addition of MIPS, Specialized has developed a further safety system called ANGi, the Angular and G-Force indicator.

ANGi is a helmet-mounted sensor which includes a built-in accelerometer and gyroscope. In the unfortunate event of a crash, the ANGi system has a sensor that measures the forces transmitted through the helmet during any impact.

In addition, the sensor measures the rotational forces that occur during crashes when there is no actual impact to the helmet.

Specialized will include ANGi an ANGi-ready attachment point on all helmets from 2019. Riders looking to upgrade a current lid without replacing it entirely will also be able to purchase ANGi sensors.

How ANGi works

Using ANGi is simple, according to Specialized. The system requires pairing with the Specialized Ride App, to which anyone buying a new helmet or sensor will gain a year's free premium use.

The ANGi sensor works by detecting the kind of forces commonly associated with a crash, and if these forces are detected, the sensor will connect to the Ride App on the linked smartphone, sound an alarm and then start a countdown.

If the rider is fine, the countdown can be cancelled and the ride continued. However, if a crash or injury has occurred, and the rider is unable to cancel the countdown, the Ride App will send a text alert to the chosen emergency contacts informing them that a crash may have taken place.

Users of the Ride App can set a list of contacts to be notified in case of an emergency, and if an alert is triggered those listed contacts will receive the rider's location via GPS coordinates.

ANGi can also work pre-emptively as it allows users to share their ride plans before setting off, plus the option of providing a live tracking link, so rides can be followed in real-time.

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ANGi requires a signal at all times for full functionality, but there is a back-up for when rides take you clear of building, people and signal masts.

Riders can set an estimated ride time before heading out, as long as there is an active data signal when the session begins. If the ride hasn't been completed within the given time frame, ANGi will send a notification to the contacts list with the rider's last uploaded location which will happen regardless signal coverage.

Specialized S-Works Evade II MIPS with ANGi: First ride

As mentioned by Specialized's man in London, Will Watt, there is a consistency of fit from the non-MIPS Evade II to the new one that makes them indistinguishable - and that's no bad thing.

I've spent much of this year wearing the non-MIPS Evade II and its comfort is second-to-none compared to other offerings from Specialized and helmets from other brands, and during my short time with the new lid that is definitely the case

For that to have been carried into the new version is a credit to the design work that went into the moulds to faciliatate the MIPS SL system.

As for ANGi, I can see its merit but I'll be doing more research into how rides are tracked, and how that data is stored and used before I start utilising the system.


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