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Chapeau! Soulor Thermal women’s bibtights review

9 Feb 2018

Excellent value for money winter kit from Chapeau!

Cyclist Rating: 
Warm and flattering fit
Very plain, would have been nice to see Chapeau! incorporate the more playful colours and elements it is known for

Buy the Soulor Thermal bibtights from Chapeau! here

As the saying goes, there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothes – and as winter takes its hold on the UK, now is the time to get your winter kit right. With a little planning, you can make sure you stay snug riding through even the coldest temperatures.

That said it's always a hard balance to get right in the winter. You need to have enough on to keep you warm when you first head outside, but not so much that you’re perspiring by the time you reach the end of your street.

Not long ago it was common to wear unpadded tights with bibshorts. However, most manufacturers are now starting to integrate a chamois into their tights.

This means fewer seams and fewer straps, and gives you an excuse to buy more kit. So as part of my search for the perfect winter staples, I put the Chapeau! Soulor thermal bibtights to the test.

When looking for winter kit I personally always look for Roubaix backed fabric to provide insulation and breathable materials.

The Chapeau! Soulor Thermal women’s bibtights are made from a mixture of polyamide (66%), elastane (18%) and polyester (16%), and consist of a stretchy exterior that assures a slim fit, and a brushed fleece interior.

The upper back is covered by a mesh panel, with mesh straps progressing to a zipped body section that finishes with a high rise around the stomach.

The zip features the trademark Chapeau! brimmed hat also stamped in a reflective material on the right hand of the lower back.

The legs are finished with an elasticated band instead of ankle zips - something I prefer and found they still stay put with ease.

When I first pulled them on the material and fit reminded me of some of the more expensive bibs I own.

Probably the most critical part of any bibs is the chamois pad. The Soulor Thermal bibtight uses the female-specific Dolomiti Maloja pad.

This innovative pad is thicker with differing densities where needed (thicker at the sit bones and through the centre), without creating ridges in the pad composition that could cause discomfort.

It is highly breathable, elastic and tear resistant and doesn't use glue in its composition instead the foams are laminated with flame heating.

I wore the bibs on a handful of 80-150km rides and overall found the tights were warm, breathable and supportive. But perhaps most importantly the pad was comfortable and stayed put the whole time.

They have quickly become a staple in my wardrobe over the last few weeks. These bibtights are a simple, flattering and reliable pair of tights that offer excellent value at £89.99.

Buy the Soulour Thermal bibtights from Chapeau! here


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