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Fickaskap waterproof phone wallet

21 Feb 2018

A convenient piece of kit that offers a cool alternative to the humble sandwich bag

Cyclist Rating: 
Can use phone through film window, large enough for phone and cash
Water gathers at entry point and found its way in when I undone the seal

Buy the waterproof phone wallet from Fickaskap

My biggest bugbear with winter cycling jerseys and jackets is when manufacturers decide not to fit a waterproof, zipped pocket. Spending hours and hours developing a jersey than can withstand a barrage of rain, you will get home dry only to reach into your pocket to discover a pool of water gathered with your expensive smartphone sitting right in it.

The old school hack way to prevent this was a plastic sandwich bag. You would chuck your phone, keys and cash all in, seal it up and away you would go. Slightly uncouth but mighty effective.

Alternatively, you can go for something a bit more refined like the Fickaskap waterproof phone wallet, designed to carry all of your valuables and 'meet our needs on our adventures.'

First impressions of the Fickaskap phone wallet were good. On a short, Saturday cafe spin it proved a handy piece of kit to have to with me.

With the sections within the wallet, there was ample room for my iPhone 7 as well as a set of house keys, my debit card and emergency £10 note.

If I wanted to take a few more cards or even some loose change, this wouldn't have been an issue considering the ample space.

Having two pockets, I could even keep these apart, meaning I didn't have to place my phone and keys directly together which helps prevent scratches.

My next impression was also a good one. Fickaskap promises that you can use your phone through the watertight plastic film, which is entirely true.

Coming to a stop en route to the cafe, I took the wallet out to check my phone and was able to do so without removing it from the case.

Pretty nifty as fellow phone wallets can often see you awkwardly juggling keys, money and phone as being touch-enabled is not a luxury.

These first impressions were made on a dry day and with the product boasting its waterproofness, it was necessary that I valiantly rode it in the rain to give it the thorough testing it deserved.


Buy the waterproof wallet from Fickaskap here

Again, first impressions looked good. Without breaking the seal, I could see my phone had been kept dry and that no moisture had snuck its way in.

I was also pleasantly surprised that, despite being wet, the film window was also still touchscreen sensitive.

But - and there is always a but - after opening the seal after a rainy day, and despite a vigorous shaking of the excess moisture, water that had built up around the entry point did manage to slide in, making my phone slightly damp. 

Fundamentally, this is a handy product that neatly fits in the back pocket of your jacket or jersey keeping all your valuables in one place, and at a shade under £25 is pretty reasonably priced and a much, much cooler alternative than a mustard-stained sandwich bag.