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Ortlieb Velocity review

Ortlieb Velocity purple
15 Sep 2015

The Ortlieb Velocity is a well built, waterproof back pack that’s crying out for an external pocket.

Cyclist Rating: 
Waterproof and durable
Storage a little basic

As the maker of the panniers that carry most of Germany’s mail, Ortleib knows how to make a tough and functional stuff sack. The Velocity is a simple roll top back, so it means that if you roll it up properly it’s almost impossible for water to reach the insides of the bag. As long as you don’t over stuff it, you can even submerge it in relative safety. There are some downsides to this design however as there are no external pockets, so if you want to retrieve something it means opening the main compartment and hoping it’s not right at the bottom.

However, a basic organiser is located just inside the roll-top closure, to keep keys or other small items from becoming jumbled among your other kit, and it’s possible to add a huge range of accessories, like dividers or additional pouches. Famously durable, Ortleib products are also easily patchable – like an inner tube – should you wear them out. Not only that but all the fixings are easily replaceable with spare parts available through most retailers.

Ortlieb Velocity review

The bag is extremely comfortable, even when stuffed to the brim with bike kit and spare jumpers. There’s not much technical going on at the rear of the pack – it’s just simple chunks of dense foam placed against the back provide excellent padding, while the gaps between them allowing air to circulate. There’s a fairly wide waist belt too if you’re carrying heavy loads although it’s not removable (unless you cut it off).

Bonded to the outside are a couple of straps that allow you to attach a light, or a helmet if you’re off the bike. The Velocity is 20l and makes a great commuting bag, but if you’re carting around bigger items the Messenger backpack is another option at 30l.

Size: 20l

Comfort – 8/10

Features – 6/10

Value – 9/10

Overall – 8/10 



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