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Continental GatorSkin Folding tyre review

2 Mar 2018

The benchmark in training/commuting tyres, with good reason. Solid all rounder: puncture protection, relatively lightweight and fast rolling

Cyclist Rating: 
Great puncture protection; Relatively supple and light enough for a high mileage tyre; Grippy, hard wearing tread compound
£35 might seem like a lot if viewed as a training or commuting tyre; There are grippier compounds for wet/cold conditions from Continental, albeit at a price; Red-brown hatching on sidewalls won’t be to everyone’s taste

Buy the Continental GatorSkin Folding tyre from Wiggle here

There is a wire bead version of this tyre too (hence the ‘Folding’ meaning a foldable Kevlar bead), which is £5 cheaper but a claimed 50g heavier, so the folding one is definitely worth the extra.

This is arguably the bench mark in racy, commuter-proof tyres that are perfect for winter training miles without having that dead, sluggish feeling of cheap tyres that you can get from other overtly puncture resistant tyres.

The compound is grippy and the carcass relatively supple, but it’s the way these characteristics are combined with superb puncture proofing that makes the Continental GatorSkin tyres such a good bet.

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That said, in recent years (when I'm feeling flush) I’ve switched my allegiance to the Continental Grand Prix 4 Season, ostensibly a beefed up Continental GP4000 II with bead-to-bead sidewall protection and an extra layer puncture resistant layer under the tread.

That means that although the thread count is the same in the 4 Season as the GP (3x110tpi plies) the 4 Season is somewhat less supple.

The trade off, though, is better puncture protection and a compound designed to work better in the wet and at lower temperatures than the GP’s Black Chilli compound.

They’ll cost you £65 each though, so for the race feel and durability, you can’t go wrong with a pair of GatorSkins. Unless you don’t like woven red sidewalls.

Buy the Continental GatorSkin Folding tyre from Wiggle here


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