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Running Nutrition Pro Formula protein powder review


With a taste like cake mix this goes down well but the composition makes it a product for endurance rather than directly for recovery

Cyclist Rating: 
Good taste; Well formulated for endurance activities
Lower protein levels mean it's not the best as a straight post-exercise recovery product; Hard to mix

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Originally devised by a runner for runners, hence the name, the Running Nutrition Pro Formula protein powder found its way into the Cyclist office after the company realised that many of the needs of endurance runners are the same as those of endurance cyclists.

The product on review is chocolate flavour, and its taste is its best feature. This will always come down to personal preference of course, but for me the flavour is top notch. It taste like pre-cooked chocolate cake mixture (eat at your own risk), which to me means it's simply delicious.

This protein powder is different to standard high protein recovery products thanks to its ingredient mix, with it containing just 39.1g of protein in every 100g. Compare this to the very high protein Scitec 100% Whey product we reviewed recently which carried 73g of protein per 100g, and that's lower still than the 82g of popular market alternative MyProtein’s Impact Whey.

The reason for this is that, according to the brand, the Running Nutrition Pro Formula protein powder is an 'all-in-one nutritional supplement designed with a specific blend of protein, slow-release carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and omega 3s to aid muscle recovery to allow athletes to perform at their best and recover faster after physical activity.'

The directions on the tub suggest drinking the mix before or after activity when I would usually only look to consume a protein product in the first 20 minutes after finishing a ride or turbo session.

With 28.73g of slow release carbohydrate per 100g, delivered by Scottish oats, downing one of these after the commute in to the office meant I was able to resist the urge to snack before lunchtime.

I'll need to use the product for a much longer period to really test the claims of 'increasing endurance and decreasing recovery times,' something I'll be doing on foot as well as in the saddle, but the early signs are good.

With great flavour and a good ingredients list this product ticks a lot of boxes, but there is a slight drawback: the oats make this drink quite hard to mix.

Thrown into a standard shaker, and even with some vigorous shaking, a sludge of milky oats is left at the bottom of the bidon after every drink.

Easily remedied with a bit more milk or water, but this isn't something I usually come across, but nor will it stop me making my way through the rest of the tub.

Buy Running Nutrition Pro Formula from Amazon here

£29.99 for 1.88kg tub

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