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Club La Santa: Bike rental review

5 Mar 2018

Lanzarote’s Club La Santa is a resort dedicated to sport and the level of service at its bike centre is comprehensive

Cyclist Rating: 
The rental is good value and the bikes are professionally cared for
Road bike choice is limited to three types of Cannondale

Smooth, rolling roads, stunning vistas and a temperate, consistent climate - Lanzarote is a cyclist’s paradise that offers a relatively peaceful contrast to the frequently busy destinations of Mallorca and Calpe.

It is something that Des Martin, general manager at Club La Santa’s bike centre, has long since recognised, so considerable effort has been poured into improving the scale and variety of services on offer by the famous Lanzarote sports resort’s bike centre.

‘We now cater for the needs of any cyclist, no matter their fitness level, from toddlers up to retirees,’ he says.

‘Plus there are further plans to expand and improve in the pipeline.’

Renting a bike was a fairly simple process. I made a reservation online and once at the resort paid for my rental, leaving my passport as a deposit at the sports booking centre, which acts as a hub for all sports rental equipment at the resort.

Taking my rental contract to the bike centre it was quick and easy to redeem it against the bike I’d reserved, which rolled out of storage clean and well set up.

‘All of our bikes upon return get cleaned and given the once over, being checked against a 12-point protocol,’ says Martin.

‘Customers have the option of sending their measurements into us so that their bike is ready to go as soon as they arrive, or if they prefer they can set it up themselves using our workshop.’

Although I didn’t require any assistance on this occasion, mechanics are on hand if help and advice is required, and they double up as ride guides, leading groups of guests on several routes of varying lengths.

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‘dales, ‘dales and more ‘dales

Club La Santa has a huge contract with Cannondale and buys several hundred bikes from the American brand each year, so although there are also fat- and mountainbike options, road riders have the choice of a CAAD8 (free with the resort booking) or Ultegra-spec SuperSix Evo or Synapse (at an additional cost of €25/day).

Elsewhere you could expect to pay in the region of €30/per for bikes of a comparable quality so I would say this represents good value, as both Ultegra specced options are very capable bikes.

However due to the aforementioned tie-up with Cannondale those are the only bikes you can rent to ride on the road, so choice is somewhat limited - should you desire to pit an aero-road bike against Lanzarote’s blustery conditions, explore the numerous gravel roads on the island on a gravel bike or just simply prefer a bike from another brand you’ll have to bring your own.

That being said the facilities and services of the bike centre are still available to you, and pictures have just been leaked of Cannondale’s upcoming aero-road design.

Further, Martin assured me the range of bikes on offer at the bike centre will continue to expand year-on-year, so it is entirely feasible that the as-yet unreleased SuperSlice and gravel-focused Slate will form part of the bike centre’s line-up soon.

My rented SuperSix performed faultlessly during my time with it and it was clear to see that it had been well cared for despite presumably consistent use week-to-week. Martin confirmed my suspicions when I returned the bike.

‘These machines are hardly ever out of use,’ he says with a smile.

‘I’ve learned during my time here there isn’t really an off-season - it is just peak, and then super-peak.’

With that in mind I’d say it is worth using the bike centre if you happen to be staying at Club La Santa - just make sure you book in advance.

€25 per day

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