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Limar S9 sunglasses review

16 Mar 2018

Look beyond the big eyewear hitters and you will find this gem from Limar

Cyclist Rating: 
Wide lens, lightweight, stylish, cheap
Lens not best for all lights

Buy the Limar S9 sunglasses at Limar here

I first saw the Limar S9 sunglasses at last year's Eurobike trade show. It was getting towards the end of the second day, I was tired after circumnavigating the giant plane hanger for the last six hours in search of all the new gear being released by all the big brands. 

I took a seat opposite the Limar stand to have a coffee and from a distance I spotted some sunglasses I had never seen before. They were the Limar S9 sunglasses.

Beyond supplying helmets for the likes of Astana and Direct Energie, Limar is relatively unknown in the UK but with these sunglasses it really has something to shout about.

Bargain Hunt

I've been testing these sunglasses for quite a while. Six months to be precise, and I'm still as much a fan of them as I was all the way back at Eurobike. Mainly because I think they look cool. 

The wide, rimless lens are bang on trend, similar to that of Oakley EVZero sunglasses or Rapha Pro Team Flyweight glasses. They offer a clean, mirrored look that wrap around the face helping provide that steely poker face needed for racing.

Yet unlike the Oakley and Rapha sunglasses, the Limar S9s represent pretty good value for money. Coming in at €99.95 (£88 approx), they retail at £50 less that the Oakley EVZeros and £60 less than the Rapha Pro Team Flyweights.

The polycarbonate lens is mirrored, hiding your gaze helping add to that alluring sense of mystery when fellow cyclists attempt to look you in the eye.

Like a technicoloured dream coat, the lens reflects a vibrance of different colours dependant on which light it catches, which also helps add to the mystery. 

Shady business 

If I am honest, the technical performance of the polycarbonate lens is rather 50/50. In bright sunshine, they are outstanding. The light is diminished and any need to squint is eradicated as your eyes are treated to a rather cool blue hew.

Yet in the darker lights of winter or the occasional dip through a tunnel, I found the lens to falter. Riding in low light I was often plunged in to darkness and found myself scrambling to remove my shades with haste to lighten the path ahead.

The triple-injected rubber nose pad is very comfortable and easily moulded to fit the size of almost any nose while the paper-thin arms are almost unnoticeable. 

These scrawny arms also account for why the Limar S9 sunglasses are so light. At 23g, the sunglasses are ridiculously light to the point that when slotting I would occasionally slot them into my helmet to look pro as I climb, I would later panic that I had in fact lost them.

Of course I hadn't but it acts as testament to how light they truly are.

While I understand why most of us opt for brands like Rudy Project, Rapha and Oakley for our cycling sunglasses (I have bought Oakley in the past), I think it could be time to search higher and wider for the perfect set of shades and there may be no better place to start than with Limar.

Buy the Limar S9 sunglasses from Limar here


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