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Velopac RidePac Lite review

27 Mar 2018

An unnecessary piece of kit that I won't be able to live without

Cyclist Rating: 
Fits all essentials, Good size for all of my jerseys and jackets
Water resistant not waterproof

Unlike most of my colleagues, I have never raced my bike. Well, I have completed the odd local 10 mile time trial but that doesn't really count. Riding for me has always been about fun. I cycle around with my mates, try and go faster up local hills and I always stop for a coffee.

With that in mind, I always need my card, some cash and my phone in order to capture a photo of my overly-priced panini and cappuccino mid-ride. That's where the Velopac RidePac Lite comes in to play.

This updated RidePac is the new entry level option retailing at £20, which is a bargain after I learned the capabilities of this small pack.

Buy the RidePac Lite from Velo Vixen here

With phones seemingly getting bigger and bigger, it was important that this new Velopac RidePac grew. Thankfully, it fits my iPhone 6 with ease and even has enough room to accommodate the unnecessarily large iPhone 7. 

More importantly, this pack does more than just fit your phone and nothing else. Inside is a card-specific section, zipped pocket plus the partially padded area for your phone.

Without looking bloated, I stashed my phone, a debit card (I'm too young for credit cards still), my keys and an emergency tenner with ease.

Weight really isn't an issue. All of the items contained within my pack are essentials I take on every ride, but now the weight is centred into one position.

Velopac conservatively suggests that this RidePac Lite fits in most jerseys, suggesting not all. So on a quiet Sunday evening, I dug out almost every cycling jersey and jacket I own. It fitted perfectly in to every centre pocket.

Brown is an underrated colour and I personally enjoy the earthy look of the pack I have been using and I also like the contrasting orange innards.

If brown isn't for you, then just go for plain old boring black or a fetching blue and teal.

The only drawback I found it that the case is not fully waterproof. It's showerproof as Velopac promises but intense water will breach its defences.

Beyond use on the bike, I have found that the RidePac Lite comes in handy when on the move, especially when flying. The pack fits a passport comfortably while still allowing enough room for your phone. 

The card holder doubles up as a handy place to store your EHIC card and the zipped section can perfectly store that loose Sterling that awkwardly infiltrates your foreign currency when on holiday, leading you to the embarrassing moment of trying to pay for your Spanish coffee with a £1 coin.

Part of me is always tempted to start taking bike riding more seriously. To knuckle down and train, drop some kilos and attend my local race at the Gravesend Velopark.

But then I see my local cafe, smell the coffee beans and cannot help but cut my ride short and dive in. So with this being the case, I think there will always be use for the Velopac RidePac Lite. 

Buy the RidePac Lite from Velo Vixen here