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Maximuscle Promax Lean protein bars review

15 May 2018

Like treating yourself to a chocolate bar but with the excuse of recovery, these are tasty but might be a bit sweet for some tastes

Cyclist Rating: 
• Great taste • Good range of flavours • Convenient way of getting protein
• You may need a particularly sweet tooth • Pricey alternative to powders

The brand name Maximuscle conjures, in my mind at least, images of strapping men adorning the cover of aspirational fitness magazines, everything where it should be and more muscles that you can count. As such, it was with some hesitation that I took these products in for review, expecting them to run against my wishes to shed a bit of weight before the summer - who needs upper body bulk when ascending mountains?

But these are Promax Lean protein bars, as the product name and branding shows, and they've become a regular mid-morning snack, particularly after a ride that morning or the evening before, and keep hunger imprisoned until lunchtime better than children's breakfast cereal.

Tell me what's your flavour

The bars come in a range of flavours, each at a different point on the delicious scale, and none falls short of that taste marker.

The available flavours include Cookies and Cream, Salted Caramel, Peanut Butter and Chocolate Mint, and although it's hard to pick a favourite that's approximately my order of preference.

These might be slightly on the sweet side for some tastes and certainly as the weather has got warmer the rich chocolately vibe has been slightly less appealing - a lemon sorbet flavour would be ideal in the summer months.

Slightly less appealing, but not unappealing, and these still go down pretty well.

Meeting the protein minimum

Despite being on the sweeter end of the taste spectrum, the sugar content is suitably low with 1g in a 55g Chocolate Mint bar.

Within those 55g you'll find 20g of protein: that seems to be the de rigeur volume of recovery that all products aim for, whether bars or drink powders. This is accompaied with 12.8g of carbohydrate.

Convenient delivery

As is the case with all bars over powders, and so not unique to the Maximuscle Promax Lean protein bar, this is a convenient way to get some protein on board after a morning ride.

Ideal for after a race or a sportive, you won't need to hunt around for some water or milk to mix the drink and you'll be left with a wrapper to stuff back in your jersey pocket or kit bag rather than a sticky shaker that'll need washing sooner rather than later.

Maximuscle, maxitaste

Flavour is the key appeal with these bars as more and more products hit the same marker when it comes to high protein and low sugar. Tasty and convenient, the Maximuscle Promax Lean protein bar are a solid choice for anyone looking for recovery in a handy package, but as always with bars over protein powder you'll be paying a premium for the pleasure.

£20 for 12

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