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Café du Cycliste Josephine bibshorts review

Cafe du Cycliste josephine bibshorts
25 Sep 2015

The Josephine bibshorts from Café du Cycliste combine timeless style with supreme comfort on the bike.

Cyclist Rating: 
Simply disappear when riding
The leg grippers make them a bit of a faff

Experience tells me that if products fit properly off the bike then they probably won’t fit properly when you get on the bike, and the Josephine bibshorts from Café du Cycliste are no exception. Pulling the shorts on requires the strength of ten men as the silicone leg grippers latch onto your skin like glue. Over time I became worried I would ruin the stitching, so I started folding the gripper back on itself to pull the shorts on, then flipping it back around once they were in place. Another tester complained that the tackiness of the grippers caused dirt to stick to them when they were flung in the bottom of his (admittedly filthy) kit bag.

The multiple panels seems odd at first, and the stitching sits proud, but once the shorts are on and you’re out riding none of this matters. The shorts completely disappear and after my first few pedal strokes I didn’t think about them again until I got home, which in many ways is the highest compliment I can give.

The pad is a decent thickness, without folding up and becoming intrusive, which has helped me dispatch a few 130km rides without any saddle based discomfort. The extra paneling on the leg that feels weird off the bike is supportive, without being restrictive, when pedaling and those tacky leg grippers stop the short leg riding up and bunching (or causing embarrassing tan-line incidents).

The straps are a good length and wide – not super wide but they don’t need to be as they’re not under huge tension like some racing models. The sizing is true – the medium fit me perfectly like in other brands. And the colour? Black is timeless.

The Josephines have become my go-to shorts, and with a 200km audax looming ever closer on the horizon I know they’ll be the ones that end up in my (much cleaner) kitbag.



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