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Crowdfunding launched for lightweight urban jacket 'The Meander'

25 Apr 2018

Lightweight and at home on and off the bike, The Meander Jacket is now seeking backers on Indiegogo

The Meander Jacket aims to bring 'style and function in equal measure' in order to deliver 'the ultimate multi-functioning commuter jacket,' and at the time of writing people are getting on board with the idea as the newly launched Indiegogo campaign has ticked over 25% of its target in the first couple of days.

We got our hands on one of the jackets briefly ahead of the crowdfunding launch, and could certainly see the basis for the claims.

A longer term and more thorough test would be necessary to really get to grips with the jacket - urban commutes in heavy rain, for example - but first impressions were strong.

The jacket can fold away into itself and be stowed in the side pocket of a backpack, or be attached to a top tube or saddle rails using the leather straps provided.

Further, for added convenience the jacket can be folded into its own back pocket in a way that effectively forms a backpack, messenger sack or saddle bag.

Its credentials for on and off the bike wear are clear as it isn't an overtly 'cycling' jacket and so wouldn't be out of place once the bike is locked away.

According to the brand, the jacket is made from sustainably produced fabric by an Italian mill and aims to be waterproof and breathable.

Available in three colours - plain grey, stylish dark blue and North Sea Fisherman garish orange - the campaign to fund the jackets is live on Indiegogo.

With some recent examples of cycling apparel brands gaining funds through crowd campaigns, and not all of them working out for the best, Cyclist takes no responsibility for the outcome of any such campaigns featured on these pages.

£199 during the campaign; retailing at £249

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