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Kask Valegro helmet review

16 Nov 2018

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Breathable and light but, most importantly, safe as Cyclist unfortunately found out

Cyclist Rating: 
Lightweight and keeps your head cool, a neat looking helmet
Uncomfortable on the front, not always suitable for the UK's changing weather

Kask, like every other cycling helmet on this planet, swears by its head protection technology using complicated abbreviations in an attempt to sugarcoat what is effectively a mixture of plastic, polystyrene and foam that's moulded into a helmet form and then promised to protect your head if, god forbid, you ever come off of your bike.

And the way things work, it's usually the one thing that we cycling journalists cannot comment on when reviewing a helmet. We can wax lyrical about aerodynamic design, lightweight materials and sufficient ventilation but not a word on safety as for 999 rides out of 1,000 (probably even more) we get home from our ride having stayed on two wheels.

We have to trust the claims of the brand and relay their word to you, the consumer, and then all hope that these claims are not put to the test. Such claims, of course, meet industry standards for safety.

But with the Kask Valegro, I can comment on its safety technology, Kask's MIT standard applied to all of its helmets, as unfortunately not too long ago a road collision tested the helmet to its max.

I won't bore you with the full details but two months previous I was riding to work like any other day. Five minutes from home, I'm heading up a main road and then bang.

Next thing I know, I wake up a covered in dog blankets from a local veterinary surgery, unsure of what was happening and where I was, mainly because I'd just been unconscious for the past few minutes.

Covered in blood and full of shock, a witness explained that a van had turned into me, knocking me clean off the bike, headfirst onto the ground.

I eventually went to the hospital, found out that I had no lasting damage bar a month-long concussion, a few scars and a bad back.

It was at that point that somebody showed me my now-unusable Kask Valegro helmet that had taken the brunt of the fall, stopping my head from hitting the ground at 25kmh and effectively saving me from any significant damage. 

The marks on the lid seemed pretty insignificant but from the state of my face it was clear that the helmet had taken a hell of a hit and protected my head from the ground, and what would have been a much nastier outcome than a bit of concussion.

Kask's promises that its MIT technology 'guarantees a higher safety and a complete protection' had been fulfilled when I was knocked off my bike and that deserves to be said because seldom can we, as journalists, give you any real-life testing when it comes to the safety claims of helmets.

Thankfully, we can usually leave that to lab testing and safety inspections by the relevant authorities.

So yeah, unfortunately, I can comment on the Kask Valegro in terms of crash testing but fortunately, I can tell you it works and if the day comes, and I hope it doesn't, that you also find yourself taking a spill you can rest assured that Kask has done what's needed to protect your noggin.


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