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GoXtreme Action 4K camera review

14 May 2018

4K picture quality on a budget with good quirks, the GoXtreme Action 4K camera certainly rivals GoPro

Cyclist Rating: 
• Great price • Good picture quality • Easy to use
• The app, while clever, is unnecessary

The idea of fixing a camera to your bike is quite an appealing one. You can record your ride at different points, get home, download it to your computer and relive the experience. Perfect for sportives, cycling holidays abroad or even hectic commutes.

No doubt, you will then share it across social media, not that anybody except a loving aunt will really care. But that doesn't matter because you can watch yourself descending the Galibier or conquering the Fred Witton whenever you want.

Naturally, and through only their ability to dominate the market, your first choice for a cycling action camera would probably be GoPro.

That brand has dominated the market for some time and does the job pretty well. 

However, there are some brands attempting to upset the GoPro apple cart currently and one of those are GoXtreme.

The GoXtreme Vision 4K action camera is as high end as budget comes and after a few weekends of riding proved itself a nifty little accessory.

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Money talks

Before talking quality of image or ease of use, I feel like price should be discussed. While the recommended retail price is £99.99, a quick hunt around saw that you could easily pick this camera up for less than £80 brand new.

That's £80 for a 4K action camera. To put this in perspective, GoPro's lowest range 4K camera, the Hero5 Black retails at £299.99.

Yes, GoPro supplies you with a micro SD card and GoXtreme doesn't but in the same search I found a 64GB SD card for £13.99. That would take the overall spend to comfortably under £100, which is pretty impressive if you ask me. 

I know, it's all well and good it being cheap but what's the point if the camera is pretty rubbish. 

Luckily, it isn't. In fact, the quality is pretty good.

While not the same quality as an SLR, the GoXtreme handles pictures in the day time well giving a clear image even when I was travelling at speed. 

As for the video quality, it was even better. The picture came out clear and thanks to a wide 170 degree lens captured a good field of vision. As can be seen from the still below, the camera captures colour well and adjusts to awkward low sunlight.

A 30m waterproof depth also means this can be used in the most harrowing of rain too, although luckily I didn't get to prove this.

Riding with an action camera, you can never escape the rumbling sound of rubber tyres on tarmac providing the soundtrack but the on-board microphone does well in capturing other sound.

One other small quirk that's rather impressive is the slo-mo setting and burst mode which are particularly handy for cycling. 

Screens on action cameras have become standard now and the 2" screen on the GoXtreme Action is more than handy. It allows you to pan your shot on the move and can help make sure no rogue brake cables or flailing limbs are obstructing the lens.

Functionality is also simple enough to get your head around. A simple two button system allows you to do most of the things you need to while on the go, including switching between formats and turning the camera on and off.

I found this particularly handy when I wanted to switch between the camera and video while riding. It was just one button.

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App difficulties

The only piece of functionality that I didn't get along with was the accompanying app. Named OKCAM, it allows you to control the camera from your phone.

I couldn't help but think this was slightly redundant for cyclists. The rear screen on the actual camera means you can frame a photo or video with the actual device attached to the bike, so the camera was always in a position for me to press the capture button. 

Yes, it puts the images and videos straight on your phone but you are never in that much of rush you cannot wait until you get home to you computer.

Additionally, downloading an app means adding more to your phone which will no doubt take up not just memory but drain battery too.

The camera itself comes with a heap of accessories which lend themselves to cycling. One of which is a waterproof casing that firstly keeps water from the camera and secondly allows you to fix the camera to your bike, your body or an object for you to ride past.

There were also helmet mounts and chest mounts which I neglected to use outside but from the comfort of my own home found easy to attach and comfortable to wear.

If you are tempted to buy an action camera for your next cycling adventure I can almost guarantee you will go down the GoPro route.

I don't blame you, it's exactly what I did when spending my own money.

But if you want value for money and a product that produces no difference in quality then consider the GoXtreme Action 4K camera.

Buy the GoXtreme Action 4K camera from Amazon here


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