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Assos T Equipe Evo bibshorts review

13 Jul 2018

The Assos T Equipe Evo bibshorts bring typical Assos quality to a more accessible price point

Cyclist Rating: 
•Value •Chamois quality •Overall comfort
•The leg portion of the shorts could extend a bit further

The Equipe tier of product has been a perennial favourite within the Assos catalogue due its dual tenets of performance and reasonable price. The Equipe Evo bibshorts are the latest incarnation of that bibshort design and aim to condense many of the features from Assos’ higher tiers - Cento and Campionissimo - into a product accessible to riders with normal budgets.

Thanks to the ongoing research and development of the Assos textile engineers and feedback gleaned from the brand sponsorship of the BMC WorldTour team, the Equipe Evo shorts are Assos’ first design to feature an update on the well-regarded s7 chamois.

The main changes are a colour swap from ‘Amethyst’ to plain black and the inclusion of ‘Krater Ventilation’, which is the Assos way of saying it has perforated the front of the pad insert for better airflow to your sensitive areas.

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Happily many aspects of the original s7 pad are carried over, including the ‘Golden Gate’ feature, which I credit as a reason for the first s7 insert being so comfortable. In use, while I wouldn’t say I could distinguish any difference between the update and the original designs, it just means that the Evo s7 pad is once again up there in comfort stakes with the best on the market.

The Equipe Evo bibshorts adopt Assos’ ‘RacingFit’ design, meaning they are slimmer and more compressive than more relaxed offerings from the brand. In practise this means the fit of the shorts is a little more ungainly off the bike but when I was riding they remained comfortable no matter if I was out for a power hour or an all-day spin.

Despite the tighter fit, sensibly Assos has included a wide hem band with relaxed grippers so there is never a danger of the bibshort legs from cutting in on those riders, like myself, with thighs that aren’t exactly racing-snake thin.

I would say the legs of the bibshorts could have done with extending a little further down my legs though - the Equipe Evo bibshorts expose a fair bit of thigh which I think is a feature that appears a little dated considering the trend nowadays is for longer bibshorts.

Ultimately I will admit that it is a subjective criticism - any given cyclist next to me in my regular group ride might think hiding away his sculpted pins under longer shorts would be sacrilegious - but it is worth noting that if you want to keep pace with contemporary trends there might be more appropriate options on the market.

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That said, in the Equipe Evo bibshorts Assos has successfully married plenty of higher-end technology with a price that is in line with or better than many of its competitors of a similar quality. For riders who desire an exceptionally comfortable chamois at the heart of an aggressive-fitting set of shorts they could definitely do worse than go the way of the Assos Equipe Evo bibshorts.


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