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7mesh WK2 bibshorts and Quantum Jersey SS review

16 Jul 2017
Cyclist Rating: 
Bibshort grippers and chamois are well designed and comfortable
The thickness of the jersey material means the zip doesn’t lay flat

If you haven’t heard about 7mesh yet that’s quite understandable as the brand only made its debut back in 2015 and being Canadian it's not all that shouty. Its birthplace is the Coast Mountains of British Columbia so the kit is designed to take on Alpine passes one day by mountain bike the next day by road.

Coming from a place where it’s all about the great outdoors, 7mesh believed that cycling apparel technically fell short for the backcountry adventurer.

This took the founders on their own journey of quitting their jobs and creating kit that could keep up with their enthusiastic outdoor pursuits.

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7Mesh Quantum Jersey SS

The 7Mesh Quantum Jersey SS has been designed for versatility, ‘daily fix’, which can be used as easily for commuting as an afterwork spin.

This is a classic fit jersey, meaning it’s a slim fit not skintight. Breathable fabric has been used which has a perforated look to it. In an eye-popping blue the one thing it does guarantee is you’ll be seen out on the road.


When you first put the jersey on it’s notable how soft the fabric feels: it has quite a different feel to the skin tight jerseys that a lot of brands are doing now.

It’s definitely noticeable how much thicker the material is. This then has an effect on the zip, meaning it doesn’t lay flat which results in a wave of bulges along it, something that let’s the look down.

The neck is high fitting, which means it’s great for using when the weather is cooler and if you want to layer with it.

When it comes to the look of the jersey, it doesn’t scream high end, it definitely looks like a commute jersey, but an attractive one at that.

The three rear pockets are large and designed to fit a lot of your riding essentials. The two sizeable toggles on both of the side pockets seem a little excessive, but for commuting are ideal for quick access.

On the road the fit is comfortable and the cut and material mean it stays in place well. With the perforated material it does feel breathable, but the thickness of it makes it a warm jersey that doesn’t seem to dissipate heat when the mercury rises.

Which for someone who overheats quite quickly this was a problem for me. But on the plus side the material does dry really quickly.

Transeasonal is probably what this type of jersey is good for or layering during the winter months.

Find out more about the kit

Jersey -

Bibshorts -

7Mesh WK2 Bibshort

The 7Mesh WK2 bibshort has been designed with comfort in mind but not at the expense of performance. Everything about the shorts is to keep you looking sleek on the bike.

The material quality feels smooth yet durable. The straps are so soft to the touch and are easy to pull up in place and feel pretty dreamy.

The chamois with its bespoke Elastic Interface has seams that are pretty much invisible and have been designed to ensure there is no rubbing, and there was no problem for me.

Infact it’s one of the best I’ve used, these are pretty much my go-to shorts on my regular weekend rides. They have generally received a lot of compliments on my club rides, and as we all know, flattery will get a piece of kit everywhere.

The patterned waistband on first glance had me worried, too much support around that area can result in a bibshort that feels like it’s cutting into you.

However, these felt great, although occasionally needed pulling up slightly to feel in the right place. But this was normally when getting off the bike not whilst on it.

The leg gripper is one of my favourite designs on the bib, as it lies flat to the leg, there is a bit of ride up, but this isn’t a huge issue.

Aesthetically you can hardly tell the gripper is there, which means there is no flesh bulge. You know what I mean.

Buy the 7mesh WK2 bibshorts from Wiggle and the Quantum Jersey SS from Wiggle

7mesh has tried to come up with its own solution for on the go toilet stops, which is branded the Pull2P – although I’m not overly convinced how well this works.

It feels wrong stretching the luxuriously soft straps. There’s always the worry that you’re going to permanently stretch them and eventually they’ll bag. I’m not convinced.

But on the whole it’s a great piece of kit, well done 7mesh.

£120 - bibshorts ; £95 - jersey

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