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Pelotan sunscreen review

4 Sep 2018

A sunscreen made by cyclists, for cyclists. The Pelotan sunscreen has become a staple for our kit bag

Cyclist Rating: 
• Clear and non-greasy • Dries almost instantly leaving no marks • Excellent level of protection event when sweating heavily
• Not as cheap as high street brands, (but worth every penny)

I wouldn’t usually feel the need to write a review of something as generic as a sunscreen, but once I’d tried Pelotan - a product specifically developed for cyclists - I felt inclined to give the start-up brand some kudos.

Why? Well, frankly, because I’m a sucker for really well-considered products. The guys behind Pelotan are obviously bike riders themselves, clearly taking account of the demands of the sport and the circumstances under which we will use the product, and duly delivered something that ticks all the boxes.

No excuses

I am slightly ashamed to admit I would often go riding without sunscreen, not because of any vain notions of coming back with bronzed sun-kissed skin (I am ginger and fair skinned, so I just get more freckles) but mainly because of the inevitable faff and mess.

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Previously, slathering on a decent layer of (usually white) cream and ending up a slightly ghostly shade paler has also often resulted in me getting it everywhere, including over kit (and sometimes even staining expensive garments).

Plus I could never quite rid my hands of the greasiness completely such that my lever hoods would then always feel a little squirmy throughout a ride after sunscreen application.

All those issues are now in the past.

Pelotan’s pump spray bottle makes it super quick and easy to apply and can be done even once you’re fully kitted up.

It’s a completely clear liquid so any overspray does not stain clothes and it’s completely non-greasy too, so doesn’t leave a mark.

It takes no time at all to dust a light mist of the product overexposed areas, including your face. It’s the easiest of any suncare product I have ever applied.

It is so quickly absorbed by the skin, taking just a few seconds before you would barely know you had applied any.

But despite being almost unnoticeable it performs superbly. With a SPF30 level of protection, I used it on a recent riding trip to California where temperatures were regularly hitting 30°C and my skin showed no signs of sunburn.

In fact, I would go so far as to say it almost seemed to work too well. My skin showed no colour change at all, which is a testament to the durability of the protection it offered as I was often riding all-day and sweating profusely for much of the time.

The uncharacteristically hot British summer this year has also given me plenty of further opportunities to test Pelotan and it continues to surprise me how such a lightweight and inconspicuous coating provides such long-lasting protection.

Buy the sunscreen from Pelotan 

The only small niggle I encountered was with the bottle itself, when after a while the pump action of the spray nozzle seemed to get sticky (likely from product residue) which would mean it didn’t return up after each pump.

That was a minor issue, which I fixed with a quick rinse under the hot tap, but nonetheless is something that could be improved upon going forward to ensure continued ease of application throughout the entire 200ml of product.

I would say this is a must-have product for your cycling kit bag, no matter what type of riding you do, and it’s just as handy off the bike too.


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