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Saving the world with cycling kit: Matchy Roubaix jersey review

3 Oct 2018

A jersey made entirely from recycled plastic bottles. I'm a fan and so you should be

Cyclist Rating: 
• Saves the planet • Looks good • Comfortable
• Material is tighter than your usual lycra

If you watched the BBC documentary Drowning in Plastic this week, you are likely to still be considering the scenes that were plastered across your screens. 

In Australia, flesh-footed shearwater seabirds chicks are unable to regurgitate in their infancy meaning that their bodies are effectively filling with toxic plastics.

Cross over to the Citarum river in Indonesia, plastic has swamped the flow of water, creating a giant moving rubbish tip. 60 per cent of fish species are now dead in this river which has caused fishermen to collect plastic rather than fish as their form of income. 

Buy the Roubaix jersey from Matchy Cycling 

It's safe to say the world's problem with plastic is at an epidemic level and combating this issue is going to take more than just washing out your coke bottles and putting them in the recycling bin.

But it is a definite start and any move to reverse the use of single-use plastic should be commended and encouraged. 

That's why I am going full 'Dave Angel eco-warrior' and telling you to consider French cycling wear brand Matchy and its Roubaix jersey. 

That's because every single Matchy Roubaix cycling jersey is created from an eco-friendly fabric that has been created from 100% recycled polyester material. 

So when you put that finished washing up liquid bottle into the recycling bin, Matchy comes along to take the plastic. Once retrieved, it's shredded into tiny flakes and washed before being melted down into a liquid state.

At this point, the melted plastic is turned into yarn, the fabric which is then used to create the Matchy cycling jersey, an eco-friendly jersey that has done its part to help save the world.

That means less plastic in our oceans, less plastic being sent to landfill and less plastic destroying our wildlife. Perfect.

Not just content with saving the planet, the Matchy Roubaix jersey also goes someway into saving your skin.

The jersey offers protection from UV rays - something I can confirm having not been sunburnt while wearing the kit - as the quick-drying fabric keeping sweat and rainwater off of your skin preventing terrible colds and coughs. 

It's worth pointing out that being made from recycled plastic, the Matchy Roubaix jersey doesn't fit like your usual cycling garment.

The material hasn't got the same amount of give which while this doesn't constrict during riding, would definitely lead me to suggest sizing up if you're at the upper end of the size guide. 

The fabric is smooth, probably thanks to being made from plastic, which makes for a comfortable jersey on the skin. It's a different feel to lycra but I liked that and it was enjoyable to wear. 

The three back pockets are deep enough for all the things you'd take riding and the lack of jersey stretch actually comes in handy here, preventing that dreaded pocket sag. There's also a zipped, water-resistant pocket which is always a bonus.

Buy the Roubaix jersey from Matchy Cycling 

Style-wise, Matchy has gone heavy on the Roubaix theme printing a set of cobbles across the chest in black and grey onto a blue background.

It's simple but works well and is sure to look good with some plain black bibshorts.

At €89, the jersey isn't even that expensive despite the arduous labour of love undertaken in production and what's more, Matchy also produces a matching cap and gilet to complete the look. 

So, if like me, you're feeling guilty for lazily neglecting to consider the use of plastics in your day-to-day life, next time you consider treating yourself to a new cycling jersey, log onto Matchy and buy one of the jerseys, ok?


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