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Poc Require sunglasses review

8 Oct 2018

Poc’s lifestyle glasses may not be cycling-specific, but some careful technical touches make them fit the job extremely well

Cyclist Rating: 
Stylish leisure glasses that feature impressive optics and technical features to suit cycling
Not cycling specific, open shape may offer too much airflow for some

Poc first made its name with kit that focussed on safety and has since mixed that an impressive degree of performance and fetching aesthetics. 

When it comes to sunglasses, the impact protection and visibility are a tougher prospect with glasses, and so Poc has instead targeted performance and clarity of vision. 

For cycling, the apex of that optical design is seen in the Poc DO Blade, which uses a Carl Zeiss lens that is specific to what Poc calls ‘Dust Trail Contrast’ to help spot road irregularities in high contrast settings. 

The Require glasses are part of Poc’s lifestyle range, so don’t offer these same optics. However, ‘lifestyle’ is a misleading term – these are not fashion glasses. The Require glasses are made of tough and performance-orientated materials, meaning they perform impressively well during active sports.

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Grip and optics

While the Require glasses don’t opt for Poc’s cycling-specific optics, the first impression when putting them on is the incredible performance in terms of vision and clarity. 

The Nylon Carl Zeiss lenses have impressive polarization and tint, meaning that shadows on the road remain visible but glare is hugely reduced. The tint was also one that I found pleasing, doing a nice job of accenting a pleasant mountain landscape.

In terms of build, the glasses are nicely designed to conceal the more technical features. The inside of the nose piece features a discrete but grippy hydrophilic rubber insert, which shares the same material as gripper at the end of the earpiece. I rode with these glasses in heavy rain and during all calibre of head swinging efforts and they never strayed in position.

The frame itself is made of a material called grilamid, essentially a high-level nylon polymer. It has proved a sturdy construction, as I was constantly squeezing the glasses into a back pocket or dropping them against a kerb while removing my helmet for the coffee stop. They never showed signs of abuse.

Of course, in terms of airflow the glasses don’t offer the same protection as a fully face-hugging set of glasses, like the DO Blade, and so there is a little more wind around the eyes. For my part, as someone who suffers from dry eyes and contact lens issues, I didn’t notice a major problem but perhaps wouldn’t side for these on a long sportive in varied weather.

In terms of weight, the glasses come in at a pleasing 27g, which fits right into the performance territory despite the chunky appearance.


The Require glasses are likely to divide opinion on their appearance. Why I liked these glasses so much was that they still offered the performance of a high-end set of glasses but were passable off the bike too.

While it may be a style point, I find myself too often wearing cycling glasses off the bike, whereas the Require glasses blended nicely into the coffee stop or an afternoon apres-cycle. Hitting the trend of thicker rims and gentle curves.

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So for me, the Require glasses have definitely been a surprise addition to my summer kit list and encouraged me that sunglasses don’t need to be built for cycling to work for cyclists.  


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