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First look: Revolutionary new Gore Wear C7 bibshorts

5 Nov 2018

Gore Wear’s latest C7 bibshorts takes a completely fresh approach to short construction

The seat pad is the interface between rider and bike and is therefore crucial for comfort and performance. It doesn’t matter whether you’re simply out for fun with friends or competing at a Grand Tour, pain and discomfort on the saddle will always ruin the ride.

Traditional methods employed by most bibshort manufacturers mean the seat pad is sewn into the short once the main structure or ‘shell’ is established.

Gore Wear, the sports apparel sector of W.L.Gore & Associates, uses a completely different approach for its latest line of bibshorts.

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In creating what it calls the Central Torso Architecture, the seat pad structure, placement and harmony with the rider’s position is given the highest priority.

‘The seat pad is the most important part, so we thought to start there and create the short around it’, says Juergen Erd, Gore Wear’s Product Manager.

It essentially means that the core part of the short – the pad, torso and bib straps are created as if they were one piece.

‘It means actually you could wear it on its own, but of course we thought it would be better if we added the legs too’, Erd jokes.

Importantly, having this core structure to the new bibshort gave Gore Wear’s designers the ability to be more free to work on how to drape the fabrics for the legs, to minimise seams and maximise stretch and to achieve a wrinkle-free close fit.

Gore Wear’s specifically designed seat pad is pre-shaped to mimic the body. This, it says, will not only help to improve comfort but crucially prevent any unwanted shifting of the pad in use, no matter how aggressively you ride.

For the front section, Gore Wear has also added a new design concept, based on one of the fabric technologies it is best known for: Windstopper.

Erd also tells us, the ultra thin and lightweight stretch Windstopper membrane is three times more breathable than any foam padding, even perforated foam, which means it’ll actually improve heat management in hot weather conditions yet offer protection for your nether regions from a chilly wind on descents or on cooler days.

Furthermore Gore Wear suggests this new, patent pending, construction with this thinner, more flexible layer is highly beneficial to comfort by reducing pressure is this critical area of the short.

Extremely elastic, four-way-stretch fabrics are used for the main construction of the shorts with minimal seams throughout the entire design, something ex-pro and Gore Wear ambassador, Fabian Cancellara, was very keen to achieve with his input into the design, to make the fit as unobtrusive as possible.

Cancellara has been working with Gore Wear on the development of these shorts since his retirement in 2016, after winning Olympic Gold in the time trial in Rio.

Another feature Cancellara was instrumental in was the new leg grippers, a feature he saw as extremely important for the comfort and performance of the short, where it is difficult to balance a secure fit, which does not ride up, but feels unnoticeable in use.

Gore Wear’s solution is, like the rest of the construction, a new way of thinking, and it uses different grippers on each model, to match their intended use.

Which brings us nicely on to the range:

Three new models will be launching ready for next Spring: C7 Race, C7 Long Distance, and C7 Vent.

At the race level the short is extremely light, with maximum stretch from the premium woven materials for freedom of movement in a tucked race position, with the seat pad also formed with this aggressive riding style in mind – high density padding is shifted forward in the seat pad to cushion the ischium (sit bones) when the pelvis is in a more forward rotated position.

For the more endurance focussed short the design lends itself to maximum comfort all day and the seat pad is more compatible with a more upright riding position and to allow greater variation in riding styles.

Buy the Gore Wear C7 bibshorts from Evans Cycles

The Vent short is designed for hot and humid conditions and, Gore Wear says, also great for indoor workouts. A minimalist design uses finer knit fabrics which are extremely breathable and fast drying with strategically placed perforations in both the bib straps and the main leg panels to facilitate maximum cooling.

The seat pad is perforated too, to wick away moisture more quickly.

Gore Wear will also release a jersey to match the latest C7 short product line.

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C7 Race £220
C7 Long Distance £180
C7 Vent £160

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