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Hackney GT Trackster Jersey Review

16 Nov 2018

Cool looking jersey from a small independent brand

Cyclist Rating: 
• Likeable styling • Good fabrics and construction
• Not the most striking design in the range

There was a time when no steel single-speed or tweed pannier bag could be released unless it was first named after an East London borough. There’s none of that pseudo-metropolitan nonsense with Hackney GT.

If you’ve raced off-road in or around the capital you’ve probably done so between tape set up by the brand’s owner, and long-time East London resident, Russ Jones. Or at least seen his VW Beetle parked up in the pits.

Buy the Trackster Jersey from Hackney GT

Helping keep petrol in the bug so he can get out to the races his brand Hackney GT specialises in bright and funky clothing that stands out in a sea of monotone lycra.

With designs inspired by Samba music or BMX racing, and featuring Breton stripes or leopard skin prints, most items are suitably loud.

By those wild standards, this spotty jersey is pretty restrained.

The jersey

Underneath its dots, the Trackster is a fairly simple jersey. On the back are the regulation three pockets. Rather than being flat across the top these arch to follow the curve of the rider’s back allowing for the easiest entry.

The right-hand one includes a zipped pouch for things you don’t want to risk bouncing out, like your house keys, cash, or phone.

There’s also a small reflective tab just below the middle pocket acting as a rear guard to alert drivers to your presence when the roads get dark.

Keeping these and the back of the jersey from riding up is a single line of sticky silicone along the rear.

The material on the main panels is a semi-perforated wicking polyester, while the sleeves and side panels are made of a soft, high-stretch fabric.

The standard length sleeves feature a broad cuff, with a comfy non-slip material woven into their inside to stop them moving up once in place.

At the front is a full-length zip, ideal for the swinging medallion, exposed chest look favoured by climbing specialists.

Overall the fit is race-like in that it hugs the body, but it’s not quite Castelli-style skin tight. It’s comfy for racing or moderately paced riding, and there’s plenty of room to sneak a baselayer underneath.

All the seams are conventionally stitched rather than flatlocked, although this doesn’t do much to spoil its lines.

Fairly breathable, the Trackster jersey is good for warm conditions, but isn’t so flyweight as to be impractical in colder circumstances, or when used with a jacket or gilet.

It’s ideally suited to general use across a range of different seasons depending on what it’s paired with.


Overall, everything works as it should, and the pricing seems about right. With fabrics sourced from a pro-team supplier in Belgium, all Hackney GT garments are made in the north of England.

This also allows the brand to offer a free lifetime repair service on all its products should an item fail later down the line. That should count for something too.

Buy the Trackster Jersey from Hackney GT

At £85 you’d expect it to be fairly nice, currently reduced to £65 it’s excellent value. All in a good quality jersey then, although it’ll probably come down to whether you dig the styling.

I liked it, although not as much as some of the brand’s wilder designs, which are worth checking out.

£85 currently £65,

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