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NamedSport nutrition products review

14 Jan 2019

Good flavours and easy to digest products mean that NamedSport's infiltration of the UK market is likely to be a success

Cyclist Rating: 
• Good flavours across a variety of options
• Difficult to market a product name when it needs explaining

Unless you've had it said to you more than once by someone from the brand, you probably haven't pronounced NamedSport correctly. Logically, that says 'named', like the past tense of 'to name'. But apparently, it's Na-Medd.

NamedSport was founded by the Italian company Named, the brand name being a portmanteau of 'natural medicine', which itself could be a problematic classification.

If you've done a sportive on the Continent, or indeed the Tour de Yorkshire Ride, in the last couple of years you've probably been subjected to the company's bright orange branding without even realising what the giant bidons were advertising, and now the brand is getting a foothold in the UK after scooping up a couple of WorldTour teams.

Italian nutrition now in the UK

Founded in 2014 and with a rapid rise that saw the brand supply the both the Giro d'Italia and the Vuelta a Espana, it is now pushing hard to crack the UK market in cycling, running and triathlon.

According to the brand, its 'range of drinks, gels, powders and bars match the lifestyle of any athlete who wants to aid their performance and follow a healthy lifestyle.'

Going on to add that 'NamedSport's innovative range has been developed to help athletes fuel themselves appropriately before, during or after their chosen sport, with the added benefit that the majority of its products are vegan or vegetarian-friendly.'

Those that are vegan state it plainly on the packaging, which will aid vegan riders at sportive feed stations.

'Our official sponsorship of the Tour de Yorkshire is one of many inspiring experiences with Britain's active community that invigorated us to expand,' co-founder and CEO Andrea Rosso said when the brand launched in the UK earlier this year.

'We take a green approach throughout all stages in our production process which is a strong part of NamedSport’s roots. When I first partnered with Named Spa, the leading Natural Medicine company in Italy, in 2014 the goal was to create products for sportspeople using the best raw materials and formulations available,' he added.

Find out more about the product range

Full range:  
Key product: Hydrafit Electrolyte Energy Drink Mix  

NamedSport nutrition products review: First taste review

As with any review of nutrition products, without the time and expense of a controlled laboratory environment it's impossible to agree with or contest a brand's claims about the levels of energy or recovery they can provide.

I could consume the same bars and gels, before riding the same route on the same bike and feel completely different. What have I eaten before riding? Did I sleep better last night than before the previous ride?

With all that in mind, the best way we at have found to judge nutrition products is probably also the easiest: taste and digestion.

If they taste horrible or give you a case of the Dumoulins then they're probably a no go, regardless of how much carbohydrate they claim to pump directly into your nervous system (or something).

The best of the range is definitely the Crunchy Protein Bar in chocolate brownie flavour. So tasty in fact, that you almost doubt its benefits as a sports nutrition product, but the packaging indicates a 32% protein value.

Importantly, the bar is also palm oil free.

Almost equal on taste is the Total Energy Fruit Bar, and this is a product that got me out of a hole on a couple of rides before Christmas when home seemed like a long way away and lunch felt very overdue.

The energy boost, although I can't say whether it was any better than eating anything I could have got my hands on, was significant and enough to get me home.

A good range of products that you'll be hard pushed to avoid seeing advertised at races and sportives this year.

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