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Pedaled Tsuki Bibshorts and Hane Lightweight Jersey review

27 Nov 2018

On the whole the kit is great, you put it on and it makes you feel like you want to get out on the bike

Cyclist Rating: 
• High cut bibshorts are really supportive • The level of detail in the overall kit design is unique
• The arm grippers need to be redesigned so they hold in place better

On first acquaintance with 'PEdAL ED' it’s perfectly acceptable to not have the faintest idea where its origins lie. The slightly chaotic use of upper and lower case along with not knowing how to pronounce it could make you think it’s some hipster brand from America’s West Coast.

The classic well tailored style in muted block tones feels like there’s been influence taken from a certain UK brand along with references to Italy too. But then the Japanese symbols dotted throughout and Japanese named pieces throw you off scent.

Hideto Suzuki, the brand founder and designer, is a Japanese fashion designer; who after seeing people cycling around Tokyo decided it was a good way to keep fit, and looked like a great way to explore.

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His issue was the lack of quality kit around that he wanted to wear. So he took it upon himself to rectify the situation.

He wanted his kit to take on natural colours, feel comfy to wear and still have a high performance element to it. The latter developed massively when the brand became the kit sponsor to British team, JLT Condor.

The kit is produced in Italy, hence the Italian reference, and Suzuki wanted the kit to be produced where he could guarantee quality. Cyclist got to test the Hane Lightweight jersey and the Tsuki bibshorts and here’s what we think.

Hane Lightweight Jersey

When you first look at this jersey the colour (we’re calling it damson) and the details really stand out, you can tell that Suzuki has a background in fashion, he’s all about the detail.

The material is really soft to touch and continues to feel this way even after numerous washes, and it keeps its shape.

The material although quite thick, seems to wick away moisture well but maybe doesn’t do so quite as quickly as some other lightweight jerseys made of thinner material. But this is not a problem in hot weather just when you’re on slightly cooler days quicker drying would be a bit more beneficial.

You can tell this has been designed with performance in mind, the cut of the jersey is one telltale, with the front cut slightly higher than the back so no bagging occurs around the stomach when the body is in the forward position.

Reduced bagging will improve your aerodynamics, and of course looks a lot neater. The zipper also lays flat and causes no unsightly bulges.

As first mentioned the attention to detail is second to none with this jersey, the black arm grippers with the gold detail beneath the black mesh are a nice touch and it's a unique style.

As is the gold detail on the zip flaps top and bottom that help prevent the zip chafing on your neck at the top and bibshort at the bottom.

What could be an improvement on the sleeve detail is some rubber grippers added on the inners of the sleeves to help keep them in place. When descending as the sleeves ride up it leads to excess material around the shoulders, which then starts to flap in the wind. Which is obviously quite noisy next to your ears.

The jersey is a well cut race-fit but the rear pockets are exceptionally roomy for the style fit. To the extent that if you don’t have anything in the pockets there seems a lot of excess material.

This is actually quite a good aspect that a race-fit can still accommodate for the everyday rider who actually needs to transport some snacks. Quite often with pure race-fit jerseys the rear pockets are so small you’re lucky if you manage to get a gel in them.

On the whole this jersey was great to ride in and received quite a few compliments on its look, the extensive detail makes it stand out.

And obviously compliments are always welcome...

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Tsuki Bibshorts

Like the jersey, Pedaled has made sure that the bibshorts follow suit in how soft the material is and how well it washes. But the best bit is the straps, made of thick material that lays comfortably over the shoulders. They feel secure due to the back support system that helps disperse pressure.

The high cut around the stomach provides a great level of support and feels so comfortable and protective without it feeling like it’s cutting into you when you’re leaning forward.

If the temperature drops it’s also really good to have that little bit of extra material around your lower back too, you definitely notice feeling more protected from the wind.

The four way stretch fabric means they fit snug and give support as you pedal. The chamois at first feels quite bulky but when you’re on the bike it stays in place well and you forget it’s there; and as expected, with the level of quality of the rest of the bibshort material the pad feels really soft.

The bibshorts also have the gold details that we see on the jersey, the Japanese symbols around the lower leg are there to remind you of the origin of the designer.

The leg gripper is another detail that has obviously had thought and consideration put into it. It blends in well to the rest of the short but underneath is fitted with an excellent gripper which reduces ride-up.

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This kit really stands out, the attention to detail that Suzuki has put into it won’t go unnoticed by fellow cyclists. As mentioned there have been a lot of compliments about how great the kit looks. The bibshorts are a pleasure to ride in and with the higher front and back they feel really protective.

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The different colours the jersey comes in are not extensive, but are quite different to a lot of other brands and really stand out with the gold detailing.

The arm grippers could do with being redesigned to help minimise the shoulder material rising up and flapping when descending.

But on the whole the kit is great, you put it on and it makes you feel like you want to get out on the bike.

Cyclist ratings: Bibshort 4.5*, Jersey 4*

€180 - bib shorts; €150 - jersey

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