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Rapha Classic Jersey review

Rapha Classic jersey review
4 Nov 2015

Is Rapha right to proclaim its jersey a classic?

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At what point does something become a classic? If it’s a car it must be 40 years old. Classic books are defined as those ‘that never finish saying what it is that they have to say’, or those written by Morrissey. So calling any product classic may seem a tad presumptuous, but as part of the original line-up when Rapha launched in 2004 and largely unchanged, this lightweight merino-blend jersey (39% wool) deserves the name.

Rapha classic jersey front

You can’t really argue that it isn’t a stylish piece, and the asymmetric white armband has become a classic thing in itself. The fit is pretty much perfect, gently refined over the years, and it’s very comfortable next to the skin. It’s very breathable compared to a higher merino blend jersey, although such a low percentage of merino may leave you questioning the price. It does justify the cost however, with the quality of the workmanship.

The Rapha Classic jersey is clearly made to very high standards. The zips are neat and small, but still well made and the seams are incredibly robust. There are plenty of other neat touches such as a headphone port in the rear pocket, a zippered valuables pouch, a mini-pump sleeve in the central pocket and a small pink 'zip garage' that saves your neck from threat of snagging in the main zip.

Rapha classic jersey back

Very little in this world is created perfectly however and we do have the odd complaint about the jersey. We’ve found that the material does have a tendency to snag if you don’t take care of it, and the collar is a little high and tight. There is also the matter of the price although chances are if you’re considering it, you’ve probably already made up your mind on that part.



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