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Adidas x Colnago Trimm Star review

5 Mar 2019

UK shoe retailer size? brings together two heavyweights in their respective fields for a discerning collaboration

Cyclist Rating: 
• Style • Comfort • Construction quality • Security of lacing system
• Leather upper not as breathable as modern trainer materials

Adidas and Colnago are brands with equally impressive heritage in their respective fields. Recently they decided to combine and celebrate their histories in two pairs of shoes, which are being sold exclusively through UK shoe retailer size?.

Each are based on a well-known Adidas design - the classic Trimm Star and the more alternative Kamanda - and both contain several nods to Colnago and bike racing.

Cyclist’s review pair of Trimm Star’s feature the iconic three-stripe logo of Adidas in Colnago’s equally iconic Saronni Red colour, and the heel tab reads ‘Colnago’ instead of Adidas.

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The same bike-racer motif that adorns the top tube of Colnago’s Master frame - the first to feature the crimped tubing that is a defining feature of Colnago bikes - is present on the footbed in the Trimm-Star, such that I saw the rider every time I went to put on the shoes. The feature is a masterstroke of thoughtful detailing that I never failed to look upon fondly.

Elsewhere, the sole is made from recycled rubber and is gum-coloured in a nod to tan-wall racing tyres that were ubiquitous in the 1970s. Despite being chosen as much for aesthetic reasons as practical, after a couple of months of consistent use the sole’s durability has proven to be equal to the regular soles of other casual trainers I own - there is no premature wear and the soles’ grip is up to the task too.

Despite some stylistic differences, the upper is that of Adidas’ regular Trimm Star design. The Trimm Star was introduced originally in 1985 as part of a fitness campaign aimed to enable people to get fit through sport - they were the top-tier shoes within that line and have been an evergreen option in Adidas range since then.

Adidas markets them as an all-round model designed to handle the demands of an active lifestyle. This is reflected in their simple but sturdy construction and ‘Ghillie Lacing System’, a sequence of rings attached to webbing that act as particularly secure anchors on which to tighten down the shoe.

The Trimm Star’s upper is made from Pellegrini leather, which has proven to be durable over the review period. It conforms well and over time has retained the shape of my feet, so the shoes have come to fit better the more I’ve worn them.

Granted, it is an effect present in many shoe designs but high-quality leather seems particularly adept at creating a slipper-like fit over time.

The one drawback I could notice was the shoes didn’t breathe as well as better-ventilated leather or other materials now commonly used in lifestyle trainers, but although the shoes created a warmer environment for my feet the leather didn’t seem to retain odours like other more modern trainers do.

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All in all Adidas and Colnago have created some good-looking, well-made trainers that are likely to find favour with discerning cyclists who want to be as stylish off the bike as they are on it.

The shoes’ creation does beg the question of whether Adidas will look to move deeper into the cycling shoe market - after all, it does have a history here, producing the Spezial in the ’60s and outfitting the feet of none other than Eddy Merckx himself in 1971. All we’ve been told is to ‘expect big things’ this year from Adidas, so watch this space.


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