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Mini-GPS shootout: Garmin Edge 20 vs Lezyne Mini GPS

GPS test
17 Nov 2015

The big thing is GPS computers is small. We test two mini rivals.

Phones these days have more computing power than the first computers, which were the size of cars. The same is true of GPS devices, so we put two mini ones head to head to see which one comes out on top.

Garmin Edge 20

Showing speed, distance and time, the Edge 20 may seem dated alongside top-end GPS devices but it has many plus points and is significantly cheaper.

You can follow downloaded routes as well as record up to 10 rides. The Edge 20 doesn't record HR data or power, but the Edge 25 does although it is a little more expensive.

We found the Edge 20 easy to set up and simple to use, although it took a while to acquire the satellites. There are a surprising number of options on such a small computer, from enabling turn prompts to personalising settings. On the downside, the USB cradle used to charge and transfer files to a computer is a little fiddly.


Lezyne Mini GPS

The Lezyne Mini GPS is a simple, stylish cycling computer that’s easy to use. Speed, distance and time are displayed continuously and there’s an option to add either elevation, average speed or temperature. The unit can store up to 100 hours of data and has 10 hours of run time. Rides are recorded as .fit files to be saved to Lezyne’s GPS Root system (its version of Garmin Connect) or uploaded to a third-party system such as Strava.

The unit looks swish but the set-up took some getting used to; the system isn’t as intuitive as it could be, and the menu can be frustrating to navigate. That said, it recorded accurately and there was no waiting around –  simply switch on and go.


Garmin Edge 20 Lezyne Mini GPS
Size 2.3cm x 2.3cm 2.9cm x 2.4cm
Run Time 8 hours 10 hours
Price £109.99 £109.99