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Best winter bibtights under £100

Cyclist magazine
11 Jan 2021

Warm legs are happy legs, so here is a round up of the best winter bibtights in stock that help keep the chills at bay

A solid pair of winter bibtights can keep your legs turning throughout the winter and let you ride outside rather than resort to indoor turbo sessions, and you can do this without spending too much. Below we look at why you might want to wear winter bibtights, and which ones you can get hold of for under £100.

There’s an old saying in cycling – if it’s cold enough for sleeves, it’s cold enough for knees. When the mercury begins to drop, your lower limbs, in particular your knees, become increasingly vulnerable to the cold weather – and that can mean excess wear and tear.

So don’t delay in donning some of the best winter bibtights to keep your legs protected from that nasty Jack Frost fella, you will thank yourself later in life.

Staying warm down below will not only help to keep muscles and joints working more efficiently, but also lower your risk of injury – meaning no enforced time off the bike.

But more importantly, it means the cold can’t hold you back. Squeeze yourself into a nice snug pair of bibtights, make sure the rest of you is similarly covered in winter-defeating clobber rather than goosebumps, and do what you love doing most – riding your bike!

The best winter bibtights under £100

Endura Xtract bibtights

Rutland Cycling | £69.99

Originally hailing from Edinburgh, you can usually rely on Scottish brand Endura to nail winter road cycling wear. After all, dealing with the cold is a constant battle for the Scots.

The Xtract bibtights are Endura’s entry-level option and at less than £70 offer decent value for money for those looking to avoid the chill in winter.

Using a ‘high stretch insulating Roubaix fleece’, the rider’s body temperature is regulated to keep you comfortable and performing to an optimum level. It also helps that the bibtights use flatlock seams which avoid irritation against the skin and silicone leg grippers ensure a sturdy fit no matter how hard you are working up that climb.

Buy now from Rutland Cycling for £69.99

dhb Classic Thermal bibtights

Wiggle | £66.50

Giving you snug warmth from their super-soft Roubaix Lycra, these are the perfect companion for all your cold season rides. In fact, these feel much more expensive than the price tag suggests. Designed so the tights zip right up to your sternum, it’s almost like wearing an additional mid-layer.

The fit is good, with plenty of stretch, and grippers do a good job of holding the tights securely in place at the lower extremity. The padded insert is typically high quality, too. 

Buy now from Wiggle for £66.50

Madison Sportive DWR bibtights

Freewheel | £89.99

DWR stands for Durable Water Repellency which is a fancy term for the fabric coating applied to these Madison Sportive bibtights. It creates a protective laminate on the surface of these tights from water droplets while remaining breathable. This temperature-regulating, waterproof membrane couples with an insulated Roubaix fleece to keep you both dry and warm throughout those tough winter rides.

Small details are also in abundance here, too, most notably with the neat silicone leg grippers that help keep the tights in place and the ankle zips which make putting on and taking off the tights a much less arduous task.

And if that’s not enough, it’s also worth noting that Madison also offers a lifetime warranty.

Buy now from Freewheel for £89.99

Castelli Explore Velocissimo bibtighs

Wiggle | £84

There is little that the Castelli Explore Velocissimo bibtights do wrong. Castelli’s cosy Thermoflex fabric is used throughout the garment for excellent protection from the cold, there are fewer seams for less irritation and better durability, while the Kiss Air 2 chamois is easily good enough for five-plus hours in the saddle.

The meshed bib prevents your back sweating profusely and there is even a bacteriostatic treatment to reduce chances of saddle sore and infections. And, finally, Explore Velocissimo is a great product name.

Buy now from Wiggle for £84

Altura Firestorm bibtights

Tredz | £89.99

A lovely companion for winter riding, the Altura Firestorm bibtights are hot by name and by nature. That’s thanks to highly breathable, thermal treated tights which can prove versatile enough to battle the harshest winter conditions before offering a seamless transition into spring.

The single back strap is secure and helps to distribute the pressure of the straps better on your shoulders while also meshed, ensuring better breathability too.

Altura has also introduced extensive reflective print on the rear of the tights for better visibility when riding in the dark, a tick for the commuters out there.

Buy now from Tredz for £89.99

Sportful Giara women’s bibtights

Wiggle | £92

While geared towards gravel and mixed terrain rides, we think the Sportful Giara bibtights are a great option for all occasions.

These use a women’s specific BodyFit Pro W chamois. Thicker material is prioritised across the thighs and knees to protect your larger muscles and joints while a thinner material is used towards the bottom of the leg and on the bib for better flexibility and thermal regulation.

There is also an external side pocket on the thigh for added storage during longer riders or easier accessibility.

Buy now from Wiggle for £92

Rapha Core Winter bibtights

Rapha | £110

Yes, we realise that this breaks the £100 limit we set ourselves but these Core Winter bibtights are worth the extra tenner.

While technically the brand’s entry-level option, they share the high-quality characteristics of their more expensive siblings – the Classic bibtights – such as internal brushed fleece material for comfort and warmth, elasticated bibs for a more malleable fit and flatlock seems for limited irritation when pedalling.

Available in men's and women's fits, it is also worth noting that Rapha offers a free repair service if you crash, a great insurance policy when spending money on cycling kit.

Buy now from Rapha for £110