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Pursu energy bars review

24 Sep 2019

A good tasting bar that'll give you the boost needed if flagging at the end of a ride, if you can get the wrapper open

Cyclist Rating: 
• Good taste
• Texture could be a bit heavy for eating while riding • Packaging is difficult to open

Without lab testing every energy product that arrives in the Cyclist office our approach is reduced to that of the average consumer and is probably all the better for it. That is to say, does the product taste good? Is it digested as comfortably as any other food? Does it give the necessary boost when you're flagging on a ride?

In short, the Pursu energy bars tick each of these boxes in a satisfactory manner and I'd be happy to fuel a sportive or long weekend ride with a couple of these bars in addition to a nice cafe stop.


I've tasted better bars but I've also tasted much worse, and I quite like the flavours Pursu offers.

Of the three flavours sent in for review - banana, beetroot and sour cherry - the first was my preferred choice, but of course this is a personal taste and each rider will be different.

The variety across those three flavours was also welcome as on longer rides I find it easy to get sick of the same taste over and over as can be the case with grabbing the same snacks from your pockets or an event's feed stations.

Energy boost

For many of us, if we're knackered enough anything edible is welcome to keep the legs turning until we reach the front door, a well stocked fridge and a welcome warm shower, so it can be difficult to give credit to specific products.

Even so, these bars have been desperately grabbed from a jersey pocket late into long summer rides a couple of times and my legs were soon turning a bit less heavily afterwards. The fuelling boost was clear and I'd be happy to have a Pursu in my pocket to fall back on at the end of a long ride.

Again, I haven't lab tested and analysed the ingredients but I do know eating one of these with 20km to go on a ride made me feel less hungry and at least marginally more spritely.


The packaging around the Pursu bars has a feel to it somewhere between wax paper and plastic. Concerned it was the latter, I asked Pursu to elborate on what its bars come wrapped in.

'Every decision we make has to be the right one for the environment and all our packaging decisions are influenced by this ethos,' the brand told me, quoting the information from its FAQs.

'Our bar wrappers are made from home compostable packaging derived from bio-based sources. The packaging has been accredited by TUV Austria. Our boxes are FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) approved.

'We use paper based void filler and paper labels to seal postal boxes therefore every item can be recycled. The bar wrappers can be disposed of in your home compost or council green waste collection. They can also be disposed of in your food waste bin.'

Taking the brand at its word, this is good news and an environmentally low impact way of fuelling on rides - still taking the bar wrappers home and disposing of them in the bin, obviously. Compostible or not, the countryside does not want cyclists' litter.

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