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Rapha Lightweight Gilet review

Rapha Lightweight Gilet review
24 Apr 2015

Super lightweight and well fitting gilet from Rapha that's so good we took other things off, just to keep it on.

Cyclist Rating: 
Good storage, very comfortable
Not the easiest to stow

Ah, Rapha, what price style? This gilet is more than double the price of some of the other gilets we’ve tested and offers the same combination of windproof, wicking and breathable fabrics. And yet god is in the detail.

Unlike most gilets, this offers two elasticated cargo pockets at the back and an additional zipped one at the front. Whether this gilet makes sense will depend a little on how you use a gilet. If you find yourself questioning the purpose of two pockets on a gilet, you’re probably the kind of person that constantly takes them on and off, for alpine descents perhaps, and so this Rapha one is probably not for you. The extra pockets add bulk so that it only just stuffs into a jersey pocket, and if you have stored things in the gilet pockets you’d have to take them out again.

Rapha Lightweight Gilet pockets

However, if you’re like us and you put a gilet on and tend to leave it on for the duration of the ride then it excels. It feels like something that you want to keep on, rather than stash away, if only because it looks great. It’s not particularly heavy either, at 115g, so it’s hardly weighing you down. The cut is on the slimmer side too, so you don’t get the feeling you’re wearing a bin bag that’s flapping in the wind.

There are other nice touches too such as the offset zip, which prevents zips stacking on top of each other and getting bulky whilst also preventing it from rubbing against your neck. There’s a felt patch on the top of the zip too to prevent further irritation.  

So enamoured were we the Rapha gilet we found ourselves forgoing a base layer and wearing this for the duration of the ride instead.



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