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Gemini Duo review

Gemini duo stats
4 Jan 2016

With more power than a car headlight, the Gemini Duo packs a serious punch in a small package.

Cyclist Rating: 
Wireless remote is great
Constant indicator is distracting

There’s no doubting that the Gemini duo is a seriously cool little light. I’ve never really been a fan of lights with separate battery packs, but the Duo has changed my mind.

The head unit for the light is very small (just 65g) and takes up very little space on the bars. The mount is attached with industrial grade rubber bands, which require the strength of ten men on the first fitting but are so thick they should last a lifetime. The mount swivels too, so you can offset it to avoid dazzling people.

The battery pack is a separate unit that attaches to the top tube with a Velcro strap, but it’s quite small you could fit it comfortably under any 100mm (or longer) stem. They attach together with a waterproof connector and there’s also an extension included so you can store it in a saddlebag.

Gemini duo light

The beam pattern and throw are good, as is the brightness in general. The light will go for 90 minutes on full whack, but 600 seems more than enough and you get nearly 7 hours at that brightness. There’s also an optional 4-cell battery, holding double the charge, in case you live in the arctic circle or something. There’s also a battery indicator on the rear of the light that doubles up as the mode button if not using the remote. It’s constantly on though; even if the light isn’t, which I found a tad annoying.

The highlight of the package is probably the wireless remote. It’s really designed for use if you mount the Duo on a helmet, but it’s still worth having on the bars for the second button. The top button cycles through the power, and the bottom button puts it into a super low brightness setting – almost like flipping between full and dipped beam on a car.

All in it’s a great light, made awesome by the wireless remote. 

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Gemini duo 


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