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Exposure Diablo review

Exposure Diable Mk.7
7 Jan 2016

The Exposure Diablo is a near perfect combination of size and power.

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Mount could be better

Back when big bike lights involved a strapping a car battery to your top tube, USE made a name for itself with its simple one-piece bike lights but times have moved on since my Mk.2 Joystick (they’re on Mk.10 now). The Diablo Mk.7 claims a 1300 lumen output, from a 3,100mAh battery all wrapped up in a 119g package.

The Diablo attaches to the bar with a clip in bracket and a rubber strap. There’s no locking mechanism, which did make me a little nervous, but it didn’t bounce out once and there is a lanyard included just in case. The only downside to this mount is that careful placement is required to stop it slowly drooping on long, bumpy rides.

Exposure Diablo

The light has just one active button, which also doubles up as the battery level indicator. Double tap the button to turn it on, press it once to cycle through the modes and hold it down to turn the light off. There are various different light levels to choose from, but the full 1300 lumens will only give you an hour of life. In my experience though, you never need that and I generally found myself running it on one of the lower settings, which promises 12 hours of life.

There’s a fourth mode, pulse, which operates outside of the other modes and does exactly what it suggests – pulses the light. It’s important to say that it’s not a flash, as it doesn’t strobe. To me this is much safer way to warn other road users of your presence, although on dark roads I did find the effect a little nauseating.

Charging is done with the SmartPort on the back, which is multi use so you can plug in complimentary rear lights or remote controls. Should you wish to mount it on your helmet, there’s also a tap-activated mode that allows you to switch brightness levels with a tap on your lid.

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Exposure Diablo lumens

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