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Lazer Genesis Mips helmet review

28 Feb 2020

A comfortable, lightweight premium helmet and the pick of a certain Mathieu van der Poel

Cyclist Rating: 
Lightweight • Well vented
Not aero

If you’re a follower of cycling sensation Mathieu van der Poel, he’s a wearer of the Lazer Genesis helmet. Lazer says that the Genesis is the lightest helmet it’s ever made. My size large Lazer Genesis Mips helmet came in at 250g, which puts it towards the flyweight end of the range of helmets I’ve reviewed, particularly for a helmet with Mips, which will typically add around 15g to a helmet’s weight.

Mips has become a desirable feature that’s steadily being found in more and more helmets. There’s increasing evidence that the sliding layer it provides between the helmet and your head adds extra protection in the oblique impacts that are common in cycling accidents.

In an independent test of a wide range of helmets from different makers, the models with Mips dominated the ranks of those rated safest. But Lazer does make a non-Mips version of the Genesis too, which shaves £20 off the price.

The Lazer Genesis is a standard vented helmet, the successor to the venerable Z1, with no pretensions of aerodynamic tuning. As such, there’s great airflow over the top of the head, keeping you comfortable in milder weather when climbing; although I’ve not yet had the chance to use the helmet in hot conditions.

If you want to improve your aerodynamics, or just keep the weather out on wet days, the Genesis is compatible with Lazer’s £20 Aeroshell semi-rigid cover.

Buy now from Cyclestore for £169.99

Lazer uses a custom approach to tightening the Genesis helmet’s rear cradle around the head. The Advanced Rollsys System uses a knurled roller on the top of the helmet. It looks slicker than a rear dial adjuster and is perhaps a bit easier to use if you’re wearing gloves.

It also means that there’s a gap at the rear of the helmet between the two sides of the cradle; I’m told it’s ideal for a ponytail. The rear cradle can be slid up and down too, to fine tune your fit.

Like many of Lazer’s helmets, the Genesis sits quite high on the head. That’s not uncomfortable though and with the helmet’s light weight, it’s a design that you quickly forget that you’re wearing. Lazer’s straps are wide and sit flat against the sides of the head. They’re comfortable and not prone to windflap.

Buy now from Cyclestore for £169.99

As with many helmets aiming for low weight, the outer shell of the Lazer Genesis does not fully envelop the EPS core. That can lead to gouges over time, particularly on the underside of the brim. It’s usually cosmetic rather than causing structural damage, but can impact the helmet’s appearance over time.

The Lazer Genesis helmet’s premium positioning is backed up with a helmet bag provided. There’s also a second set of race pads provided. These are thinner and lighter than the standard issue comfort pads, to shave a couple of grams off the helmet’s weight. Colour-wise there are five options available.

At £190, the Lazer Genesis Mips is reasonably priced for a top-of-the-range helmet, where many other makes are now charging well over £200.


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