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Dhb Classic FLT Thermal bibtights review

4 Mar 2020

Cold weather warmth and comfort at a palatable price

Cyclist Rating: 
Warm • Unrestrictive fit • Very good value for money
May not be a perfect fit for shorter riders

These dhb Classic FLT Thermal bibtights do nothing to harm Wiggle's brand reputation for producing cycling kit that not only does the job well but also does it at a price within the reach of most cyclists. And if you’re not the kind of rider who fires up the smart trainer, laptop and Zwift account the moment the temperature drops below 10°C, you’ll be in the market for a decent pair of bibtights.

These are well worth your consideration, as long as it’s just the cold you’re trying to keep at bay.


No, they’re not waterproof, but neither are they claimed to be. Dhb’s own literature makes mention of the 'breathable and warm' qualities found in the Classic FLT Thermal bibtights, so that’s where my attention has been focused for the last 100km of riding

With the skies blue and the temperature way into single figures, the ‘sunny yet chilly’ climate of early February has revealed the tights to be very well matched to the current conditions.

Worn alongside a dhb Classic Softshell Roubaix jacket, I’ve found little reason to complain. Nor, most importantly, have I wished I was wearing kit that cost three times what these tights would set you back.


I’ve worn both garments with just a thin long-sleeved base layer beneath, but in truth could have got away with just a set of arm warmers, so high is the zip-up front section of these bib tights. My belly has been cocooned in the same brushed fleece finish as my legs, helping to keep my core temperature regulated and quads content (if requiring a little more fiddling about than usual during roadside comfort stops…).

The length of the legs is the one niggle worth mentioning, as even in the size ‘small’ I’ve been wearing, bunching occurs If I don’t hoik the thigh area right up. I’ve a 30-inch inside leg, however, so as long as you’re an inch or two taller, I’d suggest you won’t encounter the same faff in getting them comfy first time out.

The ankles grip socks well, thanks to silicon grippers at the hems, while a flat lock zip closure on each also stops you from hopping about the house when getting into and out of the bibtights. The Cytech Elastic Interface ‘Giro Air’ chamois is thin enough to not feel like a nappy, yet comfy enough for two straight hours in the saddle.

Buy now from Wiggle for £56 here


An open mesh panel at the rear of the bibs ensures there’s no build up of sweat – even when putting in some hard efforts on local hills – with hot air ably vented.

The dhb Classic FLT Thermal bibtights follow the same construction method as the company’s Classic Softshell Roubaix jacket, in that windproofing is only provided at the front, arguably where you’re going to need it the most.

The reflective Flashlight Technology (yep, that’s where the ‘FLT’ initialism comes from), used from rib to knee - and behind the knee, veritably lights up under headlights (or a bike light in a darkened garage, science fans…).

Crucially, beyond all the fit and performance considerations, these bibtights cost £75. If they didn’t work, I wouldn’t part with £20 for them; but they work exceptionally for spring and autumn rides. So much so that I’d even consider a second pair for when the other is in the wash.

Even better than that, at the time of writing, they were reduced to an even more palatable £60.


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