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Gore Wear Cancellara Collection range review

15 Jun 2020

Page 1 of 2Gore Wear Cancellara Collection range review


A good range of kit with some former-pro input

Cyclist Rating: 
Shorts and mitts are very good while the rest of the kit is pretty decent
Some minor problems like the jersey pockets and sock length

The Gore Wear Cancellara Collection launched back in March – remotely after Europe went into lockdown – sees Gore teaming up with former pro Fabian Cancellara to combine the brand's existing C5 and C7 lines with the rider's insights. Cyclist received a set of kit from the C5 range and after a couple of months of wear here's what we found.

Gore Wear Cancellara Collection range review

Gore C5 Cancellara jersey


The Gore C5 Cancellara Jersey fits well throughout the torso but the best part of the fit is the aero sleeves. The sleeves are also the strongest feature of the aesthetic thanks to the honeycomb-dot design.

While the jersey fits well and is comfortable, it is slightly let down by its pockets. More depth would go some way to ensuring anything you’re carrying isn’t going to fall out. Thankfully this hasn’t happened, but I have been more conscious of what I’ve got in my pockets than with some other jerseys. This is as a result of the items poking out the top a bit more and the weight being held higher up my back.

The zip pocket is also a bit annoying, placed as it is across the middle pocket. If you’re carrying anything in the middle pocket then retrieving keys from the secondary zip pocket is trickier than it would need to be compared to if it was a side-loading zip pocket attached to the left or right jersey pocket.

Gore C5 Cancellara Jersey: 4/5

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Gore C5 Cancellara bibshorts


The standout part of the kit range, the Gore C5 Cancellara bibshorts have been my go-to for the couple of months since they arrived. Being cautious at first by using them on a short ride, I’ve since taken to wearing them on longer weekend rides safe in the knowledge that their comfort will see me right for several hours in the saddle.

Comfort is very much a personal thing, as with any piece of kit and how it fits with each of our anatomies. But for me the Gore C5 Cancellara bibshorts are up there with Rapha in terms of comfort and all day riding potential.

The thigh grippers are a great depth meaning there’s no cutting in and they stay in place when worn on their own or with knee warmers on chillier mornings. One side is also emblazoned with GORE to ensure anyone within 100 metres knows which brand you’re wearing.

The bib straps are wide, too, which means they sit nicely on your shoulders and hold the shorts in place without undue pressure on your shoulders. What’s more, they are also adorned with the names of climbs and secteurs where Cancellara rode to glory, a nice design touch to remind you that the former pro had some involvement in this kit line.

Gore C5 Cancellara bibshorts: 5/5

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Gore C3 Cancellara socks

The Gore C3 Cancellara Socks are comfortable but would benefit from being a bit longer for my taste. They’re socks, I haven’t got much more to say…

Gore C3 Cancellara Socks: 3/5

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Gore C7 Cancellara Short Pro Gloves

The Gore C7 Cancellara Short Pro Gloves are very good and if I wasn’t so pleased with the shorts they would be the highlight of the range for me.

Lightweight, comfortable and with no intrusive seams to cause any bother when gripping the handlebars, these are a great pair of summer mitts.

I’d want a bit more cushioning if I were riding the cobbles where Cancellara made his name but they did just fine on the rough roads of my cycling routes.

Gore C7 Cancellara Short Pro Gloves: 4.5/5

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