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Fulcrum Wind 40 DB wheelset review

3 Jun 2020

Really well built wheels that roll fast, with a not-too-deep aero profile

Cyclist Rating: 
Well built • Good crosswind stability • Can be run with or without tubes
A bit heavier than some alternatives

Fulcrum has a lot of wheelsets on offer, but most of its carbon offerings cost upward of £1600 and even its top end alloy rimmed wheels exceed the £1000 mark.

Launched last summer, the Fulcrum Wind wheels are the brand’s newest carbon rimmed arrivals. They take the tech of the £2000-plus Speed wheels and apply it, along with more modern specs, to a deeper section carbon wheelset that just breaks the £1000 barrier.

As is usual with newer wheels, the Wind wheelset gets a wider section to handle wider tyres: in its case 19mm internal, 27mm external. That’s not as wide as many brands’ carbon wheelsets, which often well exceed 20mm, but is enough to handle the wider tyres increasingly favoured on road bikes.

The 19mm width is enough to provide a smooth interface between the tyre and the rim, which lowers turbulence at the boundary. Depth-wise there’s a 55mm option as well as the 40mm tested, with the latter billed as more of an all-rounder, while still retaining aero advantages.

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The Fulcrum Wind 40 DB wheelset certainly feels fast. They accelerate well and help you maintain your pace on the flat. They feel very stable downhill too and there’s plenty of rigidity for hard climbing. Heading out on gusty days, I found that crosswind stability to be good as well, with less susceptibility to gusts than many wheelsets of around this depth.


All the tech

The Fulcrum Wind 40 DB wheelset has asymmetric spoking both front and rear. In the front wheel, there are eight spokes on the right and 16 on the rear; while the rear’s spoking is reversed, 16 on the right and eight on the left.

Fulcrum’s freewheel is silky smooth, adding to the premium feel and purring gently while you give your legs a rest. There are 11-speed Shimano/Sram, Campagnolo and Sram XD-R freehub options, catering for the full range of groupset options.

Fulcrum quotes a wheelset weight for the Wind 40 wheels of 1620g. Impressively, the test wheels weighed that to the gram, 752g front and 868g rear. That doesn’t make them the lightest mid-section wheels out there, even in their price range, but the two-way fit system’s continuous rim bed means that you don’t need to tape the rim to run them tubeless, so there’s no extra mass to add to that.

I did run the wheels tubeless. Set-up was reasonably easy, although I did need to revert to a reservoir pump to get the Schwalbe Pro One 25mm tyres to seat. But two-way fit means that you can run with tubes too, if you prefer. Tubeless does lead to a silky-smooth ride though and gives you a bit of extra comfort at lower pressures.

Fulcrum supplies the Wind 40 wheelset with tubeless valves and externally flanged rotor lockrings. The bearings extend right to the edge of the hubs, so there’s no room to fit an internally flanged ring.

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Fulcrum’s wheels have a reputation for their engineering and durability and the Wind 40 DBs feel as if they will stay the distance.

If you are thinking of buying a set of Fulcrums, the Wind 40s are a similar price to the brand’s shallower alloy wheels, but bring you aero benefits, while still being very easy to live with. Their high gloss finish and stealth logos look superb too.

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