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Bontrager Velocis Mips helmet review

11 Aug 2020

The Bontrager Velocis Mips is a well vented, semi-aero helmet combining form with near-peerless function

Cyclist Rating: 
Closure is child’s play • Devilishly effective sunglasses dock • Supremely comfortable in use • Really well finished
Weightier than many comparable helmets

There was a time – not too many years ago – when your choice of road-going aero helmets was limited to largely enclosed shell-like lids such as the Giro Air Attack or even the Bontrager Ballista (assuming of course that you’re not the type of person to wear a TT helmet on a chaingang. Don’t laugh, I’ve seen it happen…).

The Bontrager Velocis Mips helmet represents the upper echelon of the new wave of aero road helmets, combining aerodynamic efficiency with more than ample venting. You can’t help but wonder why it took us so long to get here.


Fit and function

The joy of the Bontrager Velocis Mips helmet is that it combines a sizeable dose of style with its healthy portion of practicality. For starters, the chin strap material is silkier than most, aiding comfort. Furthermore, the Boa closure at the rear represents a useful application of technology more often seen on cycling shoes – it’s a micro-adjustable click-wheel which loosens and tightens in tiny increments for the ideal fit.

Buy the Bontrager Velocis helmet from Trek now from £126.99

I have a 57cm head, so opted for the size M version of the Bontrager Velocis, which covers a range of 54-60cm. Given that I was riding in it still sporting my lockdown locks (have you tried getting a hair appointment at the moment?), the fit was snug, but still nowhere approaching over-tight.

I’d go as far as to say the fit is on a par with the almost perfect Giro Synthe helmet for me.

Further boosting the practical appeal of the Bontrager Velocis Mips is one of the most effective sunglass ‘garages’ I’ve used. The arms of a pair of sporty-fashion Article One specs were as easily accommodated as those of a pair of utterly cycling-focussed Oakley Radar EV Path sunglasses.


Wind in your hair

Five sizeable openings at the front of the Bontrager Velocis Mips helmet gulp air like a whale swallows plankton, while a similar entry point at the crown of the helmet sucks in extra cooling when you’ve got your head down.

There was never a point in my riding with this helmet that I wished for more wind in my hair, neither did I encounter overheating, even in temperatures nudging the mid-20s.

Buy the Bontrager Velocis helmet from Trek now from £126.99

The internal Mips sheath, which is designed (in Bontrager’s words) ‘to help reduce rotational forces on the brain caused by angled impacts to the head’ is not only fairly unobtrusive in normal riding conditions, but also creates air channels between itself and the outer shell of the helmet, for optimum cooling.


Finer details

The finish of the Bontrager Velocis Mips helmet bears up to close scrutiny, where some pricier competitors’ lids have failed (the amount of bad finishes and sloppy decal application I’ve seen beggars belief), with a deep finish and altogether classy look and feel.

Also worthy of mention is that Bontrager offers a crash replacement service, whereby the company will replace your helmet free of charge if you’re unlucky enough to crash in it within the first year of ownership.

The only area where it’s let down is its weight. While nowhere near like carrying a breeze block on your head, the Bontrager Velocis Mips does weigh in at 272g.

Should that put you off buying one? It might. But it’s the only possible deal-breaker.

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