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Castelli Prologo VI jersey review

12 Aug 2020

Light, loose-fit and breathable jersey for stress-free summer rides

Cyclist Rating: 
Designed for actual-sized human bodies • Classy looks • Highly breathable • Lightweight fabric
Arguably on the pricey side • Stitching could be neater • Zip rucks up

Let’s be honest, a lot of people feel self-conscious about pulling on a skin-tight cycling jersey – it seems most are only made for riders who already have the body of a racer.

The Castelli Prologo VI jersey presents an altogether looser-fitted alternative to the athletic-fit-only image of riding kit, in that it accommodates the average human torso while still looking classy. For that reason, I applaud it; but it’s not perfect.


Gotta be a loose fit

While Castelli has designed the Prologo VI jersey to fit a wider range of riders, it’s not been done at the expense of style and functionality. The black version I’ve been wearing for the last six weeks is particularly simple and classy, with just a wide white band across the chest and Castelli’s scorpion logos dotted about deterring from the all-black construction.

The drop tail of the jersey carries its pockets low on the back, meaning no contortion is required in order to retrieve items mid-ride.

The pockets do tend to bounce when you’ve stuffed them with anything heavier than a few gels and a featherweight gilet, however – I almost lost a multi-tool on a climb, and its pendulum-like motion in the jersey pocket was intrusive.

There’s a decent strip of reflective material across the hem of the tail, too, for a touch of visibility in low light.


Tailor-made for riding

Oddly enough, the construction of the jersey has echoes of made-to-measure tailoring. The seams where the arm meets the shoulder are almost ‘roped’, where a ridge is created (like on a suit jacket).

The high collar is a comfortable fit at the neck, too, and adds a little protection from the wind. And it’s easily fastened by way of a simple zipper featuring a rubberised Castelli logo-emblazoned puller.

Raw-cut sleeve seams also seat comfortably on the biceps. Where the finish does let the Castelli Prologo VI jersey down is at the rear hem, where a line of black stitching runs right across the edge of the reflective material.

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While I’m particularly astute at spotting such discrepancies of symmetry, it might not bother you – but it would irk me if I’d parted with £90 for it.

Due to its loose fit at the front, the zip does ruck up to create a peculiar ‘second gut’, or ‘lower man boob’ effect when you’re leant over the bars, too…


Summertime gladness

This jersey is a banker for the hotter months, not least due to its excellent breathability. I was lucky enough to catch the tail-end of the heatwave of spring 2020 whilst wearing the Castelli Prologo VI jersey, and it performed far better than expected.

Sweat is amply wicked away, the lightweight fabric feeling suitably vented; basically, temperature regulation is not a problem.

Castelli puts this down to the material featuring, ‘bioceramic nanoparticles added to the fused polymer, which reflect far infrared light to both protect you from hot sun and help the body keep itself warm.’

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No, this is a jersey that’s fit for a Sunday ride with your mates; no stresses, no willy-waving, no impromptu sprints – just good old-fashioned chatting away on the bikes in the sunshine. Remember that?

With luck, it’s a situation we’ll find ourselves in once more, if there's still enough good weather left to appreciate it…

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