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Le Col Sport bibshorts review

14 Oct 2020

Versatile bibshorts that prove cycling kit needn’t be loud to be proud

Cyclist Rating: 
High waist flatters • Respectably lightweight • Secure/breathable bibstraps • Breathable • Subtle branding
Chunky leg seams leave indents, but really that’s nitpicking…

The Le Col Sport bibshorts are long in the leg – so long that your tanline won’t be too far from your knee (yes, people will point and stare at the swimming pool) – but unless you’re the purest of cycling puritan, you can’t fail to be won over by the comfort and sophisticated feel of these bibshorts.

Everything in its right place

When it comes to fit, the Le Col Sport bibshorts are blindingly good. The most flattering concession is a waistband section that finishes well above the stomach, lending the rider a flattering silhouette, whilst retaining heat at the rider’s core.

Buy the Le Col Sport bibshorts now from Le Col for £120

It’s baffling how so many manufacturers expect cyclists to have not an ounce of fat on their belly, but Le Col have made these shorts for an actual sized human, and deserve credit for that.

The raw-cut hems at the end of those shorts have a deceptively light hold on your legs, yet remain anchored. Up top, the bib straps are wide enough for comfort, and the rearward section of material is also finished high up the back.


Comfort above all else

Using flatlock seams throughout the six-panel construction means you’re not irritated while riding – although those seams do leave a rather interesting pattern on the legs, like those butchery diagrams depicting animals with the location of their various cuts of meat…

Buy the Le Col Sport bibshorts now from Le Col for £120

The foam chamois packs plenty of protection for the sit bones, and does give a little with subsequent rides to provide a chafe-free experience on even a leather Brooks saddle.


While the high waist/back construction might sound like an overly toasty combination, the mesh bib straps and upper portion of the back do adequately vent hot air. It makes the shorts ideal for autumn rides, too.

In practice, the Le Col Sport bibshorts are so well fitted that you’d have little inkling you were wearing the firm’s entry-level shorts. And the key here is that, no matter how technically advanced your bibshorts are, if they don’t fit or they irritate in some way, they’re useless.


These shorts are so good that they’d not only do you for summer sportives (remember them?), but also for everyday training rides or coffee rides with mates.

Value for money

You can pick up a pair of shorts for less than half the price of the Le Col Sports bibshorts, but that doesn’t take into account the ‘£s per wear’ equation.

Buy the Le Col Sport bibshorts now from Le Col for £120

Cheap often feels cheap. Le Col has managed to create a pair of shorts that you’d actually reach for from the wardrobe for pretty much every ride, rather than wear once and be left with lingering memories of a chamois thicker than a ciabatta, or a feeling of being corsetted by an unrealistically restrictive waistband.

With the Sport bibshorts, Le Col has presented us with the perfect excuse to apply the purchasing mantra of ‘buy once, buy well’.

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