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Endura FS260-Pro Jersey II review

26 Nov 2020

The Endura FS260-Pro Jersey II is a no nonsense short-sleeved jersey with stacks of style and prime practicality

Cyclist Rating: 
Excellent fit • Highly breathable • Bristling with storage • Keenly priced
At this price, there’s nothing to argue with

It doesn’t matter how many buzzwords you apply to the marketing blurb, or which logos your kit is sporting; there are only so many ways to construct a cycling jersey, and only so many materials.

The Endura FS260-Pro Jersey II is a prime example of riding kit made with consideration, but where the Scottish company differs from other, potentially more prestigious purveyors of cycling clobber is in the way it provides this kit at the most attractive price.

The FS260-Pro is a classic example of a good, honest, high-quality jersey that will suit pretty much any riding situation between March and November.


A cut above

Made from a technical polyester weave fabric with elastane for stretch in the right places, the Endura FS260-Pro Jersey II offers what we’ll call an ‘athletic’ cut, devoid of bagginess or flapiness. But don’t fret if you’re not super-slim; Endura also has a ‘standard-fit’ option, to prevent having to size up in the race-cut jersey.

Buy now from Endura for £59.99

Raw edged cuffs are silicone-faced on the inside, to ensure they grip the biceps, even when combined with arm warmers on a few brisk sunny October outings. Decidedly chunky silicone pads on the inside of the hem guarantee this jersey is staying glued to your bibshorts, while a relatively high neck is soft on the skin and keeps out the wind.


Prime performance

With a vest base layer worn beneath (there’s just enough room for me, despite recently reconnecting with a lasting affection for deep pan pizza), the Endura FS260-Pro jersey is warm enough for autumn rides while still managing to vent hot air out of the looser-weave fabric to the rear.

The full-length zip is easy to adjust on the go, and the lengthy rubberised puller is especially welcome.


Pick a pocket

Ever find yourself frustrated that a jersey just doesn’t cover all the bases with the standard three-pocket layout? The Endura FS260-Pro Jersey II has five. As well as the ubiquitous triple pouch set-up, there’s also a smaller pocket to the right (ideal for gels) and a deeper, full-width, zipped pocket at the centre of the back (easily big enough for a whopping smartphone, bank card… or anything else you don’t want bouncing out of an open pouch pocket).

Buy now from Endura for £59.99

In use, the dropped rear hem of the jersey necessitates a low position for the pockets, which makes them a cinch to reach when the urgent need for sugar intake occurs.

No, there’s not a waterproof pocket, but neither would I suggest that you should rely solely upon a short-sleeved jersey if there’s a chance of rain or spray.



Let’s put this out there: you could pay more than double the price for the Endura FS260-Pro Jersey II and you'd still struggle to match it for sheer value for money.

With more than ample storage, very decent performance, layering potential for three season riding, and a particularly classy design, this jersey has used the trickle-down effect of Endura’s higher-end kit to full effect.

It’s a zero-hesitation full marks product that’s punching – and knocking them out – well above its weight.

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