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Endura FS260-Pro bibshorts review

25 Nov 2020

Well-priced, classy bibshorts boasting racy style and all-day comfort

Cyclist Rating: 
Incredible fit • Instantly loveable chamois • Lightweight • Practical detailing • Classy design
To nit-pick, maybe raw-cut bib straps would complete the picture

Continuing the very welcome theme of making cycling kit that sacrifices nothing in the performance department but offers an earth-shattering bang for your buck, the Endura FS260-Pro bibshorts are worthy of everyone’s attention – whether you race, ride socially with your club or pals (when you can), commute or simply enjoy a weekend bimble.

These bibshorts are another classic example of a company turning out keenly priced riding attire that ticks all the boxes for 95% of riders.


Take a seat

Everyone has a favourite seat in the house, right (mine’s a tatty rattan conservatory armchair)? Well, the chamois of the Endura FS260-Pro bibshorts is so instantly familiar – not only to ride on but also to walk in – that it might rival that cosy couch for comfort.

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Its stretch pad with gel inserts is dubbed the ‘600 Series’ chamois by Endura, and adopts what the company calls a ‘continuously variable profile’.

In practice, what it supplies is an adaptive pad upon which my sit bones are sufficiently cushioned while still providing ample feel for what the bike is doing.

It does not – as so frequently turns out to be the case – feel like a ‘man nappy’. It’s been finely honed over the previous two generations of FS260-Pro bibshorts, and I’d confidently state that it’s in the top three chamois I’ve ridden in over the past 10 years.


Fit and form

The Endura FS260-Pro bibshorts have a pre-curved construction, the Lycra panels following the lines of the quads from the hips. This works in tune with the body when riding; you’re never stretching the material out of shape to work the pedals.

Not only does it feel more comfortable than many pairs of (much more expensive) bibshorts I’ve worn in recent years, but I’d argue it even minutely lessens fatigue – these bibshorts almost feel like a tightly-woven fabric second skin.

Silicon-faced fabric at the raw-cut hems securely anchor the shorts to your lower quads, while there is a reflective, striped design at the rear of the legs to boost low-light visibility.

The bibs themselves are usefully wide, highly breathable at the rear and at the stomach area, ensuring there’s no clammy gut to deal with. Would raw-cut bib straps boost comfort to meteoric heights? Certainly, but you’d arguably pay more for the manufacturing cost.


Value for money

This, as with much of Endura’s ‘mid-price’ range, is where the FS260-Pro bibshorts really hit the nail on the head. Any pair of performance bibshorts that comes in at double figures makes me sit up and take notice.

Buy the Endura FS260-Pro bibshorts from Endura now

There’s normally a compromise, either in the comfort (at the backside, bib or internal seams) or performance (usually when it comes to breathability or freedom of movement), but in this case none is evident.

The Endura FS260-Pro bibshorts are a vital addition to any rider’s wardrobe. They’re best suited to spring and summer, or autumn with the addition of knee or leg warmers, but these will be reliable companions for even the longest days in the saddle.

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