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Gore C3 Gore-Tex Infinium Thermo Jacket review

24 Nov 2020

Gore's C3 Infinium Thermo jacket brings the right level of insulation and windproofing for the UK winter

Cyclist Rating: 
Great windproofing • Not too hot for milder weather
Not fully waterproof • Quite pricey

The Gore C3 Infinium Thermo jacket is a good option for cooler, drier rides. The Infinium branding is relatively new to Gore and is used for its technical fabrics that don’t use its membrane-based waterproofing tech.

However, the C3 Infinium Thermo jacket is very windproof – which is arguably more useful for the majority of winter rides, when windchill is more of an issue than rain, you’re working harder and you’re likely to get sweaty in a garment designed to keep out the rain.

I prefer a lighter weight windproof jacket to a long sleeved jersey, where the usual lack of windproofing can be uncomfortable once the temperature drops to around 10C.

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There’s good breathability in Gore’s jacket despite the windproofing, so I was warm enough with a summer weight base layer underneath even on milder autumn days.

On cooler days, a long sleeved base layer added some extra warmth, although the fleece backing of the Gore C3 Infinium Thermo jacket means there’s adequate insulation built in without too much bulk.

In size medium the C3 Infinium Thermo jacket weighs 426g, so it’s mid-weight rather than being a full-on winter jacket.


The C3 Thermo jacket is cut relatively close, without being tight, so there’s no wind flap but still room to layer up when you need to. Gore keeps wind from finding its way in and keeps your neck warm with a high, close collar with a soft lining.

That’s paired with a deep silicone gripper at the back of the lower hem that’s effective at keeping the jacket in place.

At the sleeve ends, there’s a second inner cuff of thin stretchy material that keeps wind out and the sleeves are adequately long to sit well even when stretched out in a lower riding position with the arms bent.


Riding around on soggy roads, I got the usual wet, muddy stripe up my back but the fabric is water-resistant enough that wheelspray didn’t penetrate or wet out the jacket. It copes well with light drizzle too.

For cooler, damper rides I prefer a light coloured top to up my visibility. But the Gore jacket did look dirty quickly; if you prefer a colour that doesn’t show road muck so much, there are red, mid-blue and black options available.

Buy now from Wiggle for £129.99

All come with reflective logos on the back pocket, the breast and the sleeves, with those on the upper sleeves on both sides being tone-on-tone. There are more reflective tabs at the outer edges of the rear hem.

Winter riding also usually means carrying more stuff. Gore’s pockets are deep and the central one is a bit wider. All have gusseted bottoms to up their capacity and the double layer of windproof fleece adds a bit of extra warmth at the lower back.

There’s a fourth zipped pocket with a chunky zip that’s easy to use when wearing gloves. It’s not waterproof, but is offset on the right hand pocket, out of the line of wheelspray.

At £130, the Gore C3 Infinium Thermo jacket isn’t cheap but it should see plenty of use through a typical mild and damp British winter.

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