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Adidas The Road Cycling Shoe review

30 Apr 2021

Page 2 of 2Adidas releases first road cycling shoes in 15 years


'The Road Cycling Shoe' is Adidas's first road cycling shoe in 15 years and it shows

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Very comfortable • Looks turn heads • Good power transfer
Limited to only good weather days • Lack innovation

Adidas releases first set of road cycling shoes in 15 years

Iconic German sportswear brand releases 'The Road Cycling Shoe'. It has got us excited – November 2020

This is not a drill, people. Adidas has returned to the cycling shoe game after 15 years in the wilderness. 

The new road shoes from the iconic German brand will be simply called 'The Road Cycling Shoes'. They feature the unmistakable three white stripes and in our opinion comfortably take the crown as the best looking set of cycling shoes money can buy.

Fully compatible with three-bolt Shimano or Look road cleats, the new clogs will feature a lightweight jacquard woven upper made from 'Primegreen' recycled material. Adidas says it has a 'zoned fit' to provide pressure on the foot where needed and a seamless finish for minimal irritation.

Buy the new Adidas 'The Road Cycling Shoes' here

As cycling shoes go, The Road Cycling Shoes are comparatively cheap at £130. As such, the sole is made from a nylon and glass fibre composite rather than carbon fibre, but still promises a 'stiff platform... for efficient pedalling'. 

Further, the design will see three reflective stripes on each shoe's heel for better visibility in low light.

The shoes will be produced in two colour options: white on white or the classic black boot with white stripes. The latter is the only choice worth considering.

Adidas is best known for swaddling the feet of sporting stars such Franz Beckenbauer and David Beckham, and figures from the world of entertainment such as Run DMC. However, the German brand's bond with cycling goes back a long way into its 72-year history.

The brand first started experimenting with cycling shoes in the 1950s. German peloton fashionista Rudi Altig wore a set of three-striped kicks to win the World Championship title in 1966.

It was through Altig, who was then riding for the Molteni cycling team, that Adidas shoes found their way on to the feet of the peerless Eddy Merckx. There they stayed – the man and the brand became synonymous with each other.

Merckx's bond with Adidas was such that he wore its shoes to victory in all three Grand Tours, all five Monuments and an Hour Record. It was enough success to honour the great man with his own 'Eddy Merckx Competition' cycling shoes, a set of riding shoes with the Belgian's face emblazoned on.

After providing shoes for the likes of Jan Ullrich and Team Telekom, Adidas eventually faded from the cycling shoe market in 2005, reinvesting its efforts mainly into football.

Buy the new Adidas 'The Road Cycling Shoes' here

Adidas has since fluttered stomachs with its collaboration with Colnago in 2018. The pair produced a limited edition Master frame and two sets of trainers – Colnago-styled versions of Adidas's Trimm Star and Kamanda shoes. Adidas even produced mountain bike shoes through its subsidiary Five Ten brand.

However, now the brand is back in cycling proper with a new pair cycling shoes. Even better, 'The Road Cycling Shoes' will be part of a wider range of high-performance cyclewear from Adidas that looks to capture the riding zeitgeist of 2020.

The 'Road Cycling Shoes' will hit shelves from 1st December online here and cost a very reasonable £130.

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Page 2 of 2Adidas releases first road cycling shoes in 15 years