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Endura FS260-Pro Thermo bibshorts review

11 Jan 2021

The Endura FS260-Pro Thermo are insulating, supremely comfortable three-season bibshorts

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Versatile • Weatherproof • Affordable • Off-the-scale comfort
Your indoor trainer might gather dust

Bibshorts, in autumn? Are you crazy? This succinct spousal appraisal of what appears to be a dwindling control over my faculties no doubt sums up many folks' concerns.

However, the Endura FS260-Pro Thermo bibshorts are perfectly up to the task of keeping your legs – and indeed your entire torso – cosseted from the icy ingress of cold weather and seasonal rainfall.

What’s more, they’ve become an essential weapon in my riding kit arsenal as the nights draw in and the mercury drops.


Winter warmer

Let’s first deal with perhaps the most important feature of the Endura FS260-Pro Thermo bibshorts: it’s cold outside, so how do they keep you warm? Starting at the shoulders, the soft-backed mesh bib straps, along with their Y-shaped rear portion, offer a degree of breathability.

This is essential, due to how warm I’ve remained whilst riding through the chill of November in these shorts. The front portion of the shorts is insulated, and extends over the stomach – so far in fact that it’s equipped with a zip to allow stress-free comfort stops.

Buy the Endura FS260-Pro Thermo bibshorts from Endura for £87.99

From here downwards, the FS260-Pro Thermo bibshorts are lined with Roubaix fabric which firmly hugs the lower torso and quads with its fleecy warmth.


Weathering the storm

If you’re the embrocation type, you can take it from here; for the rest of us, the picture is completed with the addition of an extra element in the layering system: a pair of Endura FS260-Pro Thermo leg warmers (£32.99).

Packing the same water-resistant outer and Roubaix lining as the shorts, with the handy addition of a locking zip closure at the ankles, you’re all set for three-season rides in total comfort.


The DWR finish to both the shorts and legwarmers causes anything but heavy rain to bead off the legs. I would put the legwear combination in the same league as something like the Sportful Fiandre No-Rain bibtights, but – and it’s a big but – while it costs almost exactly the same amount, it packs in more versatility.

Comfort as standard

Warmth equals comfort – if you’re cold, you’re robbed of concentration. What the Endura FS260-Pro Thermo bibshorts provide above this is a firmly anchored fit, thanks to raw-cut hems and devilishly effective grippers, and the same 600-series chamois that endeared itself to me when I rode in the Endura FS260-Pro bibshorts in warmer conditions earlier in the year.

The gel inserts hit the sweetspot slap-bang between ‘supportive’ and ‘comfortable’, and this chamois elevates these shorts to everyday-suitable legwear for all but a raging torrent (and who rides in that kind of weather when they don’t have to?).

Buy the Endura FS260-Pro Thermo bibshorts from Endura for £87.99

The multi-panel construction of the Endura FS260-Pro Thermo bibshorts allows for total freedom of movement, too.


Ready for almost anything

Both the weatherproofing and comfort of the Endura FS260-Pro Thermo bibshorts are beyond reproach. Also, though it might sound like a trifling detail, the reflective strips at the rear of the legs are also some of the most effective I’ve ever seen.

The bottom line with this legwear layering system is its three-season versatility, affordability, comfort and generally well thought-out design combine to make it the most effective way I’ve found of continuing to ride outside through the darker months, as long as it’s not honking it down – or, perish the thought, snowing.

So much so that even my rollers are starting to look a little forlorn…

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