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Giordana AV Versa Jacket review

6 Jan 2021

Lightweight and comfortable, the Giordana AV Versa jacket doesn’t get sweaty inside

Cyclist Rating: 
Lightweight • Not over-insulated • Breathable • Bright
Non-taped seams • No zipped pocket

The Giordana AV Versa Jacket is a softshell windproof jacket that uses eVent DV Stretch fabric to keep the wind off you on cool weather rides. It’s breathable enough that you can work quite hard in the jacket without getting uncomfortably damp.

Although the fabric isn’t claimed to be waterproof and the AV Versa’s seams aren’t taped, there’s a DWR coating on the outer surface that, coupled with the eVent DV PTFE membrane (DV standing for 'direct vent') will keep winter drizzle off for the duration of your ride.

Buy now from Giordana for £159.99

The AV in the name stands for acqua e vento – water and wind.


The DV Stretch fabric’s selling point is its high degree of stretch – eVent says up to 50%. That’s probably more than you actually get in the more thickly backed main panels of the AV Versa jacket. But there are non-fleeced inserts at the back of the sleeves and the sides of the jacket that are thinner and much more stretchy.

There’s a slight mismatch in colour between the two fabrics.

DWR coatings tend to lose effectiveness over time, but the eVent fabric’s seems pretty robust. The washing instructions recommend a cool tumble dry to restore its water repellency.

The jacket’s stretch gives you a close fit, avoiding wind-flap, but also plenty of on-bike comfort. I found the cut just right and there’s enough length to the arms that they don’t ride up when you’re stretched out on the hoods or the drops.


Other nice features which add comfort on cold days include a significant drop to the tail and wide, stretchy, well-fitting cuffs made of the thinner unbacked fabric and with raw edges. There’s a wind flap behind the main zipper and a high, lined collar too.

The right level of warmth

On days when I wore the AV Versa jacket with Giordana’s thinnish merino blend long sleeve base layer underneath in the typical damp, cloud covered UK early winter at around 7C, I was just the right temperature once I’d warmed up. At 380 grams for a size medium, the AV Versa jacket is mid-weight for a softshell.

The three rear pockets attest to the AV Versa’s all-weather credentials too. They’re deep, with a turned over top seam to help keep the contents in place.

At the bottom, hidden under the folded gussets, there is a laser-cut drain hole in each pocket. It was never wet enough when I was out to see how effective these were, but they’re a reassuring feature if you are caught out in a deluge.

Some extra visibility in dodgy weather is nice to have, so I was pleased that Giordana’s jacket comes in this dayglow orange rather than the more typical black. That’s augmented by the pixelated blue fabric used at the rear, below the pockets.

Buy now from Giordana for £159.99

Again, there’s plenty of stretch here. There’s more pixelation on the upper left arm.

The AV Versa’s price tag of £200 is about what you’d expect for a softshell jacket of its quality and I like that it’s not too heavy, while providing a reasonable level of water resistance and warmth. It works well for typical UK off-season conditions.

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